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  1. Looking at the 06 run I would say a less cold outlook by Friday is looking more and more likely,it seems to be the trend. Even the ECM shows the milder line affecting the south coast, so its hardly rock solid cold agreement.but in the meantime its looking very cold next week particularly Wednesday/Thursday. Daytime maxes -3 to 0 across them 2 days.
  2. In my opinion I would say that the low forecast,for late next week will stay just to the south of the UK,so basically south wales across to east Anglia and north will see snow!anywhere south of this will most likely be rain possibly sleet as the air is so cold.that's how is see it at the moment.interesting to see the ECM reload the cold after the low has passed,pretty amazing really!
  3. From looking at the models I would say we have a decent chance of seeing something very cold! The positioning of the HP very important.I am remaining cautious for the moment though as all the best charts seem to be 8-10 days away and I've seen it go wrong so many times at this range!so I would say that if the charts are still there in couple days we have great chance of bitter cold air from the east.consistency is the key here in the models.
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