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  1. With fewer sunny spells and lower dew points today, snowmelt has been less than yesterday with around 6-7cms remaining on most areas. Shame it won't be around next week when the children are off school. Fingers crossed for another bout of wintry weather for later this month.
  2. The one part of the garden unspoilt by the kids and the wind indicates we have a depth of 15cm in total. A tad more than the 2018 BFTE. 8.5/10
  3. On our 4th or 5th heavy shower since 4pm now. Added a good 5-6cm i reckon. Hope showers keep going for those further west. Couple of pics from a peaceful walk earlier
  4. Text from wife (I'm in Canterbury) saying that it is pepping up at home in Herne Bay. I've been using the 'p' word a lot this week so bit of a mickey take from a non-weather enthusiast. They just don't get it, do they!
  5. Just got off a zoom call with colleague who lives in Faversham. Very heavy in the last 30mins.
  6. 4 days - I just said the exact thing to the wife when we woke up. Good for Thanet especially
  7. Yes I remember seeing the cloud banks preceding the 86 and 91 snowfalls certain that the snow was headed our way.
  8. Agreed. Whilst some in our region have reported heavy snow showers and some of these especially in East Anglia may well be correct, I can't recall much in the yellow and orange intensity category on the NW radar indicating this to be the case. In the 80s heavy snow was when you could look up into the sky and see it full of large snowflakes for a long period of time. We have 10cms here and I've not witnessed that once.
  9. Yes someone commented on that earlier which I replied to. Suspected anaprop (worth a Google if interested)
  10. Even better in the knowledge that it will be sticking around for the rest of the week
  11. Just been for a decent walk around the estate with my eldest. Not another person or moving vehicle in sight. Eerily quiet with just the sound of the moderate sized snowflakes hitting the trees and bushes. Everything white again. Didn't want to go back indoors. 😆
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