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  1. Is this the Chinese model? It’s been steadfast @northwestsnow indeed , given the positive update overnight
  2. Where’s the model tweets thread grr? , but this is more or less saying the UKMO are favoriting a GFS run ?!?!? Sorry Jo too
  3. Well there’s a chance it now has ! And the 12z today ran away with it out of all control if the ‘pub run’ (18z GFS) fancies similar then , it could reverse all the way to the brewery
  4. Always intrigued why you post ensembles 250 miles away from you , here’s ones a little nearer
  5. And is if by magic the 12z GFS given an 87’ ...I knew you were good , but not this good
  6. Oh noooo , hope we don’t have the same conversation as last year regarding the interruption of the ‘festival’ second week of March
  7. https://www.meteociel.fr/modeles/gefs.php?carte=1 bookmark that you can show us Shetland
  8. A pub run every hour ! Gracious me pray for Netweathers Servers
  9. Yes , once you get @chionomaniac on board it’s as good as having a clean sweep of the output on side !
  10. Shouldn’t be too far off some GFS eye candy charts , given the GFS MJO forecast takes it nearly off the scale , it’s had a good day on the mulled wine !