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  1. You won’t be when we are all booking trips to come stay with you due to the mild mush ! I jest ! Fingers crossed for a real winter season !
  2. I think it’s showing a warming in the stratosphere, but @Recretos will put me right
  3. As we change our clocks , we change our seasons
  4. At one point the control and operational are that far apart they might as well be from different continents (problems attaching picture)
  5. Raythan

    The Seasonal Forecast Thread

    Absolutely fascinating read @Roger J Smith , hopefully other members get to have a read as it was thread I didn’t know existed and only became aware of through twitter ! Full marks for putting an ‘against the usual grain’ forecast out there
  6. Thanks Daniel , sorry @shotski should have put more meat on the bones , SST off the coast of Africa and Cape Verdi after a benign start have now began to come into the Hurricane / tropical storm activity zone , no guarantee ofcourse but the ingredients are now there ...
  7. Tropical waves starting to form an orderly queue across Africa , potential fireworks when hitting the Atlantic , keeping my eyes on this
  8. Looks like my region ( north east ) could be in the cross hairs for a summer guy fawkes .. boom-crash-bang tastic !
  9. Raythan

    Model output discussion 14/04/18

    Yep the 12z GFS run has annihilated meteocil
  10. This low that was considered to head south and over northern France is now heading into the naughty corner in the Atlantic according to the GFS
  11. Snow is naturally a headline grabber but some of the wind chill totals for next week are a touch on the concerning side , especially when it’s not widely talked about in the none weather geek community / social media etc