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  1. Looks like my region ( north east ) could be in the cross hairs for a summer guy fawkes .. boom-crash-bang tastic !
  2. Yep the 12z GFS run has annihilated meteocil
  3. This low that was considered to head south and over northern France is now heading into the naughty corner in the Atlantic according to the GFS
  4. Snow is naturally a headline grabber but some of the wind chill totals for next week are a touch on the concerning side , especially when it’s not widely talked about in the none weather geek community / social media etc
  5. Even with ‘mild air’ sliding over a very cold surface temperature and favorable dew points ? Hmmm
  6. Somebody needs to edit their post !! Explosive cyclogenisis fast !!!!
  7. Well no matter what , we have seen unprecedented things in the past two weeks and that’s not just these stellar Synoptics for this week , a @Tamara ramp of a GFS 12z , posters basically hacksawing the country in half North/South causing a netweather independence referendum and now @Catacol’toy throwing’ even though our nation won yesterday for the first time since 1962/63 ( see what I did there) anyway the beast was nailed by the models and now I’m facing 5 weather warnings including an amber ! Stay safe guys ! Mother Nature sharpens her teeth this week
  8. 00z 12z hmmmm ( this is for the north fwiw)
  9. If you look closely at the ECM 144 chart and see the kink to the NE ... thats where my back yard and Newcastle used to be !
  10. Isn’t @Bring Back1962-63 Output just ace !!
  11. Must admit I’m slightly concerned given I’m in the red zone ( Newcastle upon Tyne ) yikes