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  1. I’m scared to trawl through all the catastrophe posts that came out after ‘that 12z GFS episode’earlier , but did anyone comment on Dr Ventrice’s tweet about the NAO going record breakingly negative ? The record being ( for the time of year) ... (-2.77sigma) models projecting (-3sigma) , guess my question is ... could this be playing havoc with output also ?
  2. Shame the mods have had to remove so many of the clairvoyant’s posts today ! We could have compared them to the harsh reality next week anyway , this ecm run looks 12 hours ahead to me 😉 sorry just trying to lighten the mood after 2 hours of carnage!
  3. I’m struck by how many people on here are clairvoyant , their powers seem to increase after the T144 hour mark !
  4. I totally agree with this , ironic it’s just changed before next week ! When they met office will show why they are World leaders , instead the bbc have changed from using a multi million pound super computer to using ...
  5. Has there been a comparable pattern like this current one where the output has just evaporated in the past ? Was ‘that ecm’ after a SSW ?
  6. That’s brilliant , wonder if the more knowledgeable peeps on here would dare do a crayon job and draw a cold cone for possible projection
  7. I’d love to know how these major cold spells were modeled , I mean was the signal that strong there were only minor ‘wobbles’ , how did 2010 go ? Drama or just solid with upgrades ? From what I read the met seen 2010 far out ?
  8. Everyone who said it’s a shame this wasn’t two / three weeks earlier is dead right I mean we could have held the Winter Olympics
  9. The 18z GFS infamous ‘ pub run’ usually comes up with a eye opener ! What on earth could it come up with tonight short of moving a tectonic plate and just positioning us within the arctic circle ⭕️ ! Can’t wait to see !