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  1. 19c with rh 96% feeling pretty steamy, that little storm never really cleared the air.
  2. Few flashes of lightning seen here and some rolls of thunder! Shame I'm working
  3. After dropping back a bit, the temp is shooting up again back up to 26c due to the sea breeze easing. Late morning and late afternoon easily the warmest parts of the day on the coast, afternoon always cools off in a refreshing breeze from the sea, although ruining the potential temp.
  4. Warmest day of the year here at 26.5c shows what happens when we get a slight easterly off the continent.
  5. Haven't seen skies this blue since spring 2020. Beautiful colour and 25c with barely a breath of wind.
  6. 23c today and sunny spells with light winds, feels very warm compared to recently.
  7. I don't think I can ever recall a summer where I haven't recorded higher than 26c. There has literally been no heat in my area this year so I do hope September can pull off a couple of hot days before autumn sets in properly.
  8. The July spell was tempered a lot here due to southerly seabreezes so my max during that spell was 26c and most of the time hovered around 23-24c. It was maybe a little more humid then but not too much difference in feel today here really.
  9. For my location today feels like that July warm spell, sunny and around 23-24c, felt hot in the sun on my walk just now.
  10. Been very nice here today, offshore NE wind sunny and warm, low humidity too due to the offshore breeze.
  11. Reached 23c here and lots of sunshine with a breeze. Low ish humidity too around 50%
  12. I suppose it counts but Im still yet to actually witness a storm, or even here thunder.
  13. Beautifully warm and sunny here today after morning cloud. 21c and rh 80%
  14. Its very warm and muggy here today when the sun shines.
  15. A beautiful sunny and warm day reaching 21c hopefully today is the last day with this strong breeze.
  16. After the early morning heavy showers its been dry all day bit of sun bit of cloud and still windy. Reached 20c.
  17. Some very heavy rain showers this morning but still no thunder!
  18. Perfect august day here. Pretty much full on sun all day and 21c, light breeze.
  19. Reached 20c but with the sunshine made for a warm feeling day. Good enough for me.
  20. Yes I hate that too. I also hate the term 'mini' heatwave, a heatwave is a period of heat around 5 degrees warmer than average. So it's a heatwave or it isn't, there is no 'mini' !
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