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  1. Hi I have the same unit here in N.Z. and found that it eats normal batteries until I installed lithium ones we are now into 7 months and still working. Also had a dud unit that was replaced and found the super cap was not charging so replaced it . It is now working Realy dont know weather unit is running of solar or Lithium so if unit goes flat in next 5 to 6 months I will know solar is not working Muzza
  2. Thanks. That is the machine. I will look into weather link ip. Muzza
  3. HI Aercus weather ranger I think it is a WS3083 On the side of the unit is a USB port witch connects to the pc. Where i live i dont have internet ( only by hot spotting to a phone ) and i want to access the unit to display on pc Thanks
  4. Hi All I have a weather ranger and the usb does not work . When pluging into laptop ( win10) I get the ding dong of connection . In device manager I get a device under ----mobile Device----Microsoft USB Sync This is all I get ,Cumulas and Easyweather do not see the device. Any help would be appreciated or do I send it back ? Thanks