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  1. Magic Trichs

    Wales/Cymru Regional Weather Discussion

    Chucking it down in Penarth again right now almost blizzard again
  2. Magic Trichs

    Wales/Cymru Regional Weather Discussion

    Why? Here in Penarth we have drifts of 1m+ already. This snow is mesmerising. Another 24hrs? Yes please
  3. Magic Trichs

    Wales/Cymru Regional Weather Discussion

    First post here. Report from Penarth, many 1m drifts no problem we will be looking at an average of 1’ snow depth with drifts of 5 - 6 ‘. What it’s like north of here, Pontypridd etc I can only imagine. i can remember 1982, I was 8 and my dad woke me up and said look out of the window -it was all snow, 7’ drift against the house. Those scenes and memories will be repeated tomorrow and Saturday. It it is absolutely chucking it down, tiny icy flakes. Utterly spellbinding and beautiful when the light catches it\. birds are being well fed, if I had the room I would take in humans without roofs. I have distributed cash, food and cannabis across the city centre today and yesterday. good luck everyone.
  4. Simplicity in a nutshell. The one big data input that models are failing badly with is a total reversal almost the whole atmosphere of the Northern Hemisphere. That’s the base colour for our painting, EVERYTHING else is happening within that overall context and that situation could persist for 6 weeks quite easily.
  5. Magic Trichs

    Wales/Cymru Regional Weather Discussion

    There is no polar vortex. It’s completely obliterated. That’s it, done until it reforms in the autumn. The entire northern hemisphere’s atmosphere is spinning the other way. A mild incursion may mean 850s getting up to -8 I think the only thing about thurs/fri to worry about is the track of the low. At the moment, my understanding is that the South half Wales from Newquay to Newport and Barry to Brecon is in for a long overdue pasting. Take care folks, I can remember the late 70s and early/mid 80s. Even as a kid by the end you used to start getting sick of the winter. Powdered milk on your cornflakes anyone?
  6. Magic Trichs

    Wales/Cymru Regional Weather Discussion

    Really? Even down here in Penarth? We did well in 2010 (very well) and 2013 had enough for a snow day and not doing a great deal. Can we get sustained cover down to sea level this year ? The possible channel low attacking from the south given all other parameters looks like it could turn into a 48 hr blizzard.
  7. Magic Trichs

    Wales/Cymru Regional Weather Discussion

    Don’t fancy getting snowed in round yours
  8. Magic Trichs

    Wales/Cymru Regional Weather Discussion

    This just sounds epic. A week/10 days of wall to wall snow?
  9. Magic Trichs

    Wales/Cymru Regional Weather Discussion

    Nobody? Are we talking down to sea level?
  10. I don’t think I can take much more of this but why i do come here is for pure cold charts (I couldn’t tell a cold one from a warm one but can tell an experienced / expert from a hype generator. All I know is this. You can get snow to sea level in the UK even in April. On Easter Sunday 1998 I woke up to snow on the beach whilst my now wife and I were having a weekend away in a caravan and it was bloody freezing..... it’s obvious that SSW science is VERY young therefore when a warning as dramatic as this one which is in chartered territory, even the experts are unsure....
  11. Magic Trichs

    Model Moans, Ramps and Banter

    First post I’m a massive cold fan and what’s obvious to an idiot like me (who might as well be looking at the wall as one of those charts), is that if we could accurately forecast the weather beyond 48/72 hours then we’d already be doing so. In 1947 weather went from mild Atlantic to one of the worst nationwide snow events in living memory, all in the space of 3 days. So a couple of mild runs won’t make a jot of difference. The actual behaviour of global atmospherics trumps any insignificant human attempt to predict them, we understand about 5% of Astro and atmospheric physics. I imagine what’s appealing about model watching is the endless options they spew out and the discussion thereof.