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  1. It's nothing to do with Ole or Tuchel or any other manager. It's the clubs owners.
  2. Well thats because they are not on TV yet, but they will all get their say as Sky or BT will put it to them. Let's hope hope they have the balls to say something. This isn't about the name "Liverpool FC, Manchester United, Chelsea FC", the players, the clubs, the managers, this is about the top. The greedy owners who want more money and they don't care about the consumers except for spending. Glad Carragher called out Sky on their hypocrisy too. UEFA, FIFA etc, they are all corrupt greedy disgusting entities, but this Super League is a very bad idea.
  3. Disappointed with Klopp there. He hates the idea of the Super League as much as Gary. Neville wasn't attacking the players or Klopp, but the hierarchy. Klopp, Ole need to stand together, the players need to stand together and stop the greedy (insert expletive here) from doing this.
  4. Yep, took the dog for a walk around Irlam Moss this morning, the exposed areas cut through you.
  5. Around 2 to 3 inches here in Irlam, some of the heaviest snow i have seen since 2010 i think. Its light now, and temp is dropping so hopefully here tomorrow and can take the little one sledging.
  6. Klopp being Flopp and blaming everyone else for his teams loss.
  7. Very interesting read: A Very Interesting Radio Signal was Just Detected Coming from Proxima Centauri - Universe Today Jason Wright has put up some information regarding the event: BLC1: A candidate signal around Proxima | AstroWright (psu.edu) Interesting Key Notes: Has a positive drift rate From Proxima (Which scientists believe one of the exo planets might be able to harbour life) The frequency isn't generally used by Earth made objects Stayed within the beam for 3 hours which would suggest its unlikely to be a man made satellite
  8. True, it's always been like that, but over the years you get to see which members talk absolute nonsense and which ones don't, and lets be honest, there isn't a single person out there can can categorically state with 100% accuracy what the weather will do over the next 10 days.
  9. That was something else. Parents even said in 66 years they have never seen something like that. Floods all around here in South Manchester, it was like a tornado, you could see the speed and swirling of the clouds. Amazing. It dropped about 10C and huge hail came down. That was awesome.
  10. That's not remotely anything like what he said was needed. @Lance M implied a good amount of rainfall was needed, which it is.
  11. I dont know what truth there is to this, but my mate is quite high up in the Army and they have been ordered to cancel all exercises and return to the barracks for further order. And at the same time I heard Boris will address the nation tomorrow and tell the UK he is putting us on full lockdown for 15 days, with the army being deployed to protect from looters. Could be BS, could be true, but most of my Army friends are on their way back.
  12. I've took mine out. She suffers with a condition which affects her immune system. It's a no brainer, I will ensure she is home schooled for the foreseeable. Her health is far more important to me than anything else.
  13. The 40 odd billion we were about to give the EU for leaving would be a start!
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