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  1. That was something else. Parents even said in 66 years they have never seen something like that. Floods all around here in South Manchester, it was like a tornado, you could see the speed and swirling of the clouds. Amazing. It dropped about 10C and huge hail came down. That was awesome.
  2. That's not remotely anything like what he said was needed. @Lance M implied a good amount of rainfall was needed, which it is.
  3. I dont know what truth there is to this, but my mate is quite high up in the Army and they have been ordered to cancel all exercises and return to the barracks for further order. And at the same time I heard Boris will address the nation tomorrow and tell the UK he is putting us on full lockdown for 15 days, with the army being deployed to protect from looters. Could be BS, could be true, but most of my Army friends are on their way back.
  4. I've took mine out. She suffers with a condition which affects her immune system. It's a no brainer, I will ensure she is home schooled for the foreseeable. Her health is far more important to me than anything else.
  5. The 40 odd billion we were about to give the EU for leaving would be a start!
  6. I'm pretty sure it was her immune system, and more specifically, has a decent amount of T-Cells.
  7. Is there is any good news, then if you are for and healthy it's likely you wont be bad at all. The reports regarding the footballers who caught it is extremely positive. When it's all over, it may end up giving sedentary people a kick up the butt to get fit.
  8. Theres zero guarantee of a vaccine. We still dont have one for the other Coronavirus SARS, and that was 2002.
  9. We really are. UK’s 'herd immunity' approach over coronavirus called into question WWW.STANDARD.CO.UK The World Health Organisation has cast doubt on the UK’s approach to developing "herd immunity" against Covid-19, saying the current...
  10. Apparently the french maybe about to favour a herd immunity approach like the UK.
  11. Well that's not true is it. They gave us the figures on TV the other day, and doing the math it was estimated about half a million could die. I still have faith we are doing the right thing. My cousin has it, he is in his 40s, but hes almost over it now
  12. Dont know why we dont just do a China and Russia and build more hospitals for Covid.
  13. I didn't bother stocking up, but I noted the houses around me that did. Should the SHTF, I'll be raiding them at first dawn.
  14. I thought his speech was perfectly fine, as was the ones from the medical experts. He was pretty upfront, no sugar coating, and basically said, the Government is doing what it believes is right, and now its on us, the people to do the same and not have people stand there like zombies waiting for instruction.
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