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  1. I predicted 6 inches of snow in Perth between tonight and tomorrow, am i going to be far off you think?
  2. Noticed met office had downgraded Perth to 1 snowflake symbol tomorrow ... i assume the main activity will be just south of Perth or still time to change?
  3. Hmmm just woke up , Roads soaking ... there is snow flickering about lightly in Perth. Was it meant to be sleet?
  4. Stv news sounded very interesting there. Scotland to be hit by worst snow in years from Wednesday
  5. Daft question time lol.... With a Forth streamer... Can Perth be affected by this? Just really hoping we get lots of snow...
  6. Wee finger of purple pointing directly at Perth lol . Were going for snowmagedon
  7. As things stand currently , Definately shows Eastern and south east england will see the brunt of the snow , Just wished we would get at least 6-9 inches of snow here in Perth and also many other areas in scotland .
  8. Kool, the way things are looking this could rival 2009 . We had 1 foot in perth
  9. Some twit in the mod this morning told me eastern scotland would only see a dusting due to the cold being more prominent down south? Yesterday charts showed us in eastern scotland getting pounded from the 28th onwards , is the twit correct or are we still going to get hammered ?
  10. So it is a denifinate now the its pusbed to far south ? Or likley to go back to how it was yesterday?
  11. Looks like eastern scotland is best place for the several feet of snow ??? Shovels out
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