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  1. I saw this aswell very large diffrences at such short notice. I don't rate UKV that highly tho had 29c here today and I got 32c gfs and ecm performed better they both had 31c that's not the first time.
  2. Just had a look at gfs for here in Southampton it has 30cFriday 33cSaturday sunday32c Monday33c Tuesday33c Wednesday33c These are all adding 1c so could be more. Most intense prolonged heat for some years take care guys!
  3. Gfs keeping the very warm air into Wednesday across Southern and South eastern parts
  4. Will be very interesting to see where ecm sits with its ensembles. Got a feeling it gets rid of the heat to quickly but we will see
  5. For those up In Scotland you will be glad to know gfs was a big cold outlier
  6. Gfs ensembles want to keep the heat going a little longer than the op
  7. Ecm has 22c Thursday 28c Friday 27c Saturday 27c Sunday 27c Monday for Bournemouth Airport that's not bad tbf.
  8. Hi guys the ecm ensemble 2m temp mean for Southampton goes like this Friday- 30c Saturday 29c Sunday 27c Monday 27c Tuesday 28c. This is far from over. Today's 12z will be crucial
  9. Looking at the ecm ensemble mean it would have temps reaching 30c from Friday to Tuesday for Southampton now that's one good mean! What should also be noted is there is a lot of scatter from Monday.
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