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  1. GEM similar to icon with freezing conditions for Wednesday. If we could delay the arrival with the low a little bit more on GEM we would see mid minus teens 850hpas entering the east. The breakdown looks to be around Thursday ish altho I think we might manage couple more days extra than that away from the far SW
  2. I do agree but with Sundays event delivering 10 to 15cm in parts of EA then comes alone the convective constant snow showers which should add a lot more to it we could be talking 30cm in places. A lot of things have to come into place first so yes I think it's best to keep exspectations low but have an open mind. I certainly would be very happy man if I lived on coastal EA rn
  3. Has the low further west so it takes longer to clear. It's certainly a possible scenario
  4. That's current snow depths. here is snow depths for the whole run
  5. The low is a little bit futher north aswell so has a little more influence across the far south.
  6. More of a direct easterly on 0z gfs rather than a NE tilt so uppers aren't so cold down south but cold enough for snow
  7. Wednesday would be freezing across the whole country! Slack easterly winds with widespread -10 uppers brrr!!
  8. Low a lot more south on the latest icon allowing the easterly to continue upgrade! Good start
  9. Classic 18z upgrade on the ensembles a large cluster now going below -10 at 850hpa
  10. Hardly mild. South might be about to see its coldest uppers the whole run
  11. Very good run this easterlys for almost the whole country!!
  12. Op is no outlier around two ensembles get -10 uppers into London at this stage down from like 10+ 0z yesterday morning.
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