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  1. These beauties produced the massive hsilstones over York earlier
  2. It certainly looked like that traveling up! Ive never seen anything like it,was fab to look at but sure the farmers have a different view. Kudos to the folks who have kept the main roads open!
  3. I thought we had a fair bit in Malton North Yorkshire,this was on the a68 on route to Slaley hall nr Hexham. Never seen anything like that before as we are only about 50 asl. 🌨🌨🌨🌨🌨🌨
  4. Sick of seeing charts that show great wintry potential at day 10,think we need to bring ceefax back,then we can stare at Lerwick on the 5 day forecasts again for downward temp trends ,used to always come off for us down the N Yorks coast (currently snowstarved this winter) Great forum guys,ill stick to reading over posting.
  5. Snowing in Malton now steadily after a period of rain/sleet. Looks very wet, although settling on frozen areas.
  6. Rain in Malton now its decided to get heavier! The kids are disappointed.
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