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  1. Atleastitwillbemild

    Model Moans, Ramps and Banter

    Nah. I am a cold fan too. Just a disheartened, cynical one taking my frustration out on the still freshly optimistic. Probably shouldn't have.
  2. Atleastitwillbemild

    Model Moans, Ramps and Banter

    No. Frankly. I've been watching the weather models for nearly 15 years and I can't count the times people on weather watching sites get all excited by the "gut feelings" they have about how its all "just different" this time of year and how "exciting" it is and how they "have a feeling that something is brewing" etc, etc. Let me tell you this now: Its never different. The only thing brewing in our grey, miserable autumnal winters are low after low after despicable, detestable Atlantic low pressure systems and days on end of damp, grey anti-cyclonic gloom. Once you've been watching weather for as long as I have that is the only "feeling" you'll learn to expect come winter. Its always the same. The odd year may come along about once a decade to buck the trend slightly. But the status quo has to bend so far out of place and stretch so far to the extreme, atmospherically, to even allow the possibility of it that any freak aberration from the norm is followed by 2 or 3 years of just as extreme zonal, Atlantic Hell as punishment and payback. Your "feeling" is based on nothing but naive wishful thinking, exposure to snowy scenes on Victorian Christmas cards you've been given at work and sentimental notions of how nice and lovely it would be. Trust me your "feeling" will soon be dashed to pieces very quickly and quite thoroughly by the stark reality of just how truly sh*t this miserably island's climate is. Stick around. You'll learn.
  3. Atleastitwillbemild

    Question about Freezing Fog

    Freezing fog is probably my favourite type of winter weather phenomena. I love the sight of it even more than snow but it seems to be a pretty rare occurrence in my area (Thames Valley/Marlborough Downs) and only happens for one morning out of the year about once every 3 or 4 years. We do very well in most cold snaps for frost and fog and I know how both weather features form, but it seems to be very tricky to get both of them to occur at the same time. My question is: under what conditions are freezing fog patches more likely to form than just normal frost? Is it more likely when the cold is from certain sources or wind directions? Is it dependent on absolute stillness of wind? Or temperatures below a certain threshold? The last time I witnessed a particularly spectacular display of rime was during the Dec 2010 freeze when there had already been snow on the ground for a good fortnight and the temperature had been fluctuating between minus teens and a few degrees below zero for days on end. I wondered what could have been so different about the conditions that caused the freezing fog to form on that night only, during a run of seemingly (to my untrained eye) pretty identical weather conditions to the other days of the week. Any explanation would be helpful. Thanks