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  1. Thank you and that's a really good start. Its such an elusive weather phenomenon but one I love more than snow! Interesting observation about the moderate pressure reading as opposed to intense highs. I suspected it would have something to do with the pressure. Thanks
  2. Hi I had a question about Freezing fog that I don't seem to be able to find the awnsers for by google searching. Its my favourite type of weather phenomenon but I don't get to see it very often in my part of the world (Thames Valley/Marlborough Downs) We get plenty of fog here, autumn and winter, and there are many frost pockets and hollows but getting frost and fog at the same time always seems to be rare. I know freezing fog is brought about obviously by sub zero temperatures and areas of clear high pressure in winter, by why is that some clear some frosty highs produce freezing fog occai
  3. Fading summer memory songs. Some of these may seem non specific to late summer but to me personally they are very reminiscent of this time of year Kristin Hersh - Me and My Charms/Tuesday Night Throwing Muses - Honeychain / Two Step Belly - Puberty Widowspeak - Girls/True Believer Fleetwood Mac - Dreams/ Rhiannon Jefferson Airplane - Embryonic Journey/Today The Who - Bargain/Behind Blue Eyes Carly Simon - Love Still Growing/Look Me In The Eyes Joni Mitchelll - Urge For going/Blue (more autumn) PJ Harvey - No Child of Mine/Teclo Skip James - Hard Time Kil
  4. Nah. I am a cold fan too. Just a disheartened, cynical one taking my frustration out on the still freshly optimistic. Probably shouldn't have.
  5. Freezing fog is probably my favourite type of winter weather phenomena. I love the sight of it even more than snow but it seems to be a pretty rare occurrence in my area (Thames Valley/Marlborough Downs) and only happens for one morning out of the year about once every 3 or 4 years. We do very well in most cold snaps for frost and fog and I know how both weather features form, but it seems to be very tricky to get both of them to occur at the same time. My question is: under what conditions are freezing fog patches more likely to form than just normal frost? Is it more likely when the col
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