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  1. Some real doom mongers and moaners on here the last few days (especially today)!. I am not a "Mod" obviously but can these please use another thread???. Its great watching peoples commentary of the runs that come out and their knowledgeable opinions or views on it., however it keeps getting interrupted by people who just love a sarcastic or clever comment - Rant over (technically this should be on the rant thread!! lol)
  2. WelfordRd

    Midlands Regional Discussion

    Pretty good snow event last night in Hinckley, please we got to get some.
  3. WelfordRd

    Midlands Regional Discussion

    Think the BBCs weather for here in Hinckley is well wide of the mark. Heavy snow showers all day. I don't think so
  4. WelfordRd

    Midlands Regional Discussion

    Looks like it's been snowing most of the night in Hinckley, not sure how much has come down as it's drifted all over the place, we have 1 foot drifts in the back garden up the railway sleepers. I have my little boys Sunday league match to go to at 9am. I'm hoping it's called off lol
  5. WelfordRd

    Midlands Regional Discussion

    Think the wind has shifted a bit more to the east now rather than from the NNE. Means that line of showers near Leicesters going to go North!
  6. WelfordRd

    Midlands Regional Discussion

    Looks like there was something that resembled snow here (a few flakes on the patio table) last night but the front completely weakened as it's past through Leicester and Hinckley. No surprise to see it peep up quite a lot after it passed us, which is a very regular occurrence for precipitation rates. Figured if I want snow need to move lol
  7. WelfordRd

    Midlands Regional Discussion

    Agreed - Nottinghamshire took a direct hit the other week with a wash steamer so it's only fair it sets up a little further south and hits the other parts of the midlands this time lol. We can dream I suspect it will miss us in Hinckley again by 20-30 miles. We always seem to be to far North,East,West or South for showers whichever way they come from. We do better from frontal snow
  8. Heavy rain on the window this morning marking the end of a great week of cold weather. Have to say it's been extremely frustrating at times but we got some decent snow in the end. Ps it's amazing how the heavy bursts on the radar seem to make it to us when it rains but if it's snow it dies away lol
  9. Yellow weather warning for ice today across the midlands but does mentioned maybe some more snow 1-2cm possible. How likely is this anyone? Looks like it's raining on the south coast now?
  10. Could this be a case of the radar lying? We apparently had blues radar echoes over us all last night but we didn't get a flake?
  11. Yes maybe that was a bit premature. It's coming down nicely for once!
  12. Don't hold much hope today, Hinckley under moderate snow according to the radar and nothing coming out the sky
  13. Radar really moving any precipitation westwards quiet quickly now. Been watching the heavy stuff south of Coventry and it's not moving quick and is dieing, anyone west or north of Hinckley hoping for some that I wouldn't carry out to much hope
  14. Moons out over Hinckley so the sky's clearing. Snow has just about stopped now
  15. system is moving west now, not good for East Midlands