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  1. Moderate snow in Hinckley for last few hours but it's not settling very well. Just a white mushy mess at the moment. Can't see us getting any huge accumulations if anything it's melting on the pavement now even though it's still snowing
  2. Snow now in Hinckley, fairly heavy but not settling
  3. Sleety rain here in Hinckley, looks like there are some flakes mixed in it
  4. It's just been sleety rain in Hinckley no snow like everyone else I swear Hinckley has some kinda snow shield even Sundays event we got less snow that most areas only 5-10 miles away #wantsomemoresnow
  5. Just started to rain in Hinckley
  6. If I was being a pessimist I would say the snow rate in Hinckley is just dropping off a bit. Yet still a mile or 2 away it's still heavy according to the radar. Please come north!
  7. Snowing steadily in Hinckley, the green more heavier snow on the net weather radar has been about a mile south for 90 mins and hasn't moved up. Was steadily moving north before that. Does this mean the heavier snow has reached its northern limit?