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  1. Hey, glad more people have seen snow since last night! Nice to see. Quick question the showers have been dying as they cross the country in the main, however there are showers coming over the North Midlands that have come from nothing and are building over land? Why is that and what's the difference?
  2. I give you exhibit 1. Shower missed us my literal half and mile and then peeps up and expands after it's drifted by. Could smell it! Lol I admit I am nearly 40 and still get so excited at the prospect of lying snow, just a covering and 9/10 times or more I end up feeling like a kid that has got up on Xmas morning and there aren't any presents under the tree. Sad I know
  3. Showers in the wash looking like they are going more south now! Hopefully this means people to the south get to see some snow. Not sure if I see the showers getting back over Hinckley anytime soon
  4. Lots of showers coming from the Wash area but they seem to all pass Hinckley to the south 3 or 4 miles. You can see them lined up. Need a subtle shift in the wind if we want direct hits, however I suppose its immaterial if they don't stick
  5. What's happening to the showers as the pass over Leicester City centre? The life it being sucked out of them. Soul destroying, there is nothing in Hinckley
  6. Well I am going to say what most of you are thinking, what a let down from a near at times gale force NE/E wind!. After all the promise of the precipitation gathering last evening for the vast majority is been pretty rank. Bring on spring if this is all we can get from these synopitics now. Yeah it might change later but the radar looks no better so maybe prematurely this is a bust for Hinckely.
  7. Right taking a few hours off, as keeping watching the snow miss to the north or south or fizzle out takes it toll. Good luck everyone, hopefully when I return we have a region size blizzard! We'll we can always wish lol
  8. Hinckley going to miss the steamer, breaking news ha ha ha ha ha
  9. Think the streamer heading for Leicester will only hit the southern side just looking at the radar. That's prob going to miss me by 7 or 8 miles. That's if it holds any intestity
  10. Some more knowledgable members than me talking about the fax charts and convergences might help the showers. I have no idea other than watching the radar. All feels a little anti climatic at the moment
  11. Hummmm actual snow melt happening here. The paths have cleared and are wet. This is not evaporative thaw this normal snow melt
  12. Someone mentioned about a tough or convergence around the Wash but not sure when that is or if it's still forcast
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