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  1. No shower activity in Hinckley, nor does there look anything remotely showery out to the NE of us. All the showers are north of us and that huge blob over Gloucester is just sat there. Is it wrong that with us missing all this wintry weather to the north and south that all i want mild south westerly to blast all this snow away so no one has any? - then we are all in the same boat. I have people in our office saying 30 miles down the road they have a covering
  2. We have snizzle in Hinckley, nothing close on the radar. Like tiny little hail stones
  3. Get so frustrated with snow, we are so unlucky with snow in Hinckley and Leicester area, we don’t get snow showers when the Cheshire gap streamer goes as they die out before they reach here. Same with easterly wind showers. The only time we tend to see it is with frontal snow from the west and that usually means milder weather is coming and it turns to rain! Rant over lol. I better not here any of the SE mob moaning about lack of snow again for a while it’s been snowing all night so they must have a good covering
  4. In terms of tomorrow I think we just now have to watch the radar and see how far north it goes. Most of the models have there own take. Not many had that front so far north yesterday so might be the same tomorrow. Hopefully we all get some.
  5. Think that chart is the rates per hour, however after today I am not expecting much
  6. Absolutely lashing down with Rain in Hinckley, this is a non event!!!!!! Not even any sleet
  7. Its great its turning to snow but a lot of the front is past - it seems to be decaying now so suspect it will have cleared the midlands by 6pm. Good news if you live Cambridge way
  8. Nothing but drizzle in Hinckley - Watching the radar and cant really work out where the precipitation is heading - looks as it we have missed the heavier stuff to the north - Not sure we will get anything to talk about unless the front really peeps up later this evening.
  9. ICON 6z has pushed the snow band north again for Thursday - You cant write it can you! lol - Whilst thats a good thing for most of us in the Midlands i am not holding my breath as it will prob change again
  10. Yeah that what i am hoping - looks like the snow event on Thursday is moving South bit by bit so as you said could miss us all together - Im sure the models with move it around run by run - however the trend is not our friend currently
  11. Why is our thread so quiet? All the other regional threads are going nuts? I know there is some doubt for the extent of the snow, however the Midlands is in half decent shape for both
  12. I’m getting confused. Isn’t this the Model Thread?. Just caught up this evening and have had to double check I wasn’t in the South East regional thread? Lol
  13. Some real doom mongers and moaners on here the last few days (especially today)!. I am not a "Mod" obviously but can these please use another thread???. Its great watching peoples commentary of the runs that come out and their knowledgeable opinions or views on it., however it keeps getting interrupted by people who just love a sarcastic or clever comment - Rant over (technically this should be on the rant thread!! lol)
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