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  1. Quiet so far in Gloucester , temps at 4c with Dew Point at 2.8c. Really not expecting anything so if I wake up to a thin covering I'll be pleasantly surprised. Temps not quite right as things stand.
  2. At the point they go warmer you are talking deep FI. Are you chasing a mild chart at 384 hours?
  3. I find this so surreal at the moment. I've been following the models for around 4-5 years and I've never seen model output quite like it. I do remember March 2018 but that was a short but sharp BFTE. Not like now where the entire GFS output is significantly below average throughout from start to end with plenty of time for snow to fall. For those more experienced, are you finding this as surreal as I am, and have you seen this before? Just wondering what response we will get from the weather orgs; Met Office etc and whether they'll start to hint at the current output.
  4. I once discussed with a work colleague how I was all into weather and the raw models and I've been learning on the ins and outs and then proceeded to proclaim it was going to be a cold winter with snow on the way. Learned the hard way not to believe what you see too soon.
  5. Been following the models for around 4-5 years but rarely post - everything I've seen and been reading is mostly positive. Don't remember often seeing these outputs in December if at all, pretty sure in the last few winters we've been staring at a bit of a zonal period in the run up to Christmas. Nice to see SSW possibilities showing too which'll keep the interest going no doubt. Looking forward to the next few weeks 👍
  6. You have to become fluent in "isobar", then it all makes sense :) I'm actually a bit of a fan ?
  7. #MyFirstPost .. Very happy to wake up this morning living in Gloucester to hear the snow line has moved south somewhat. Gonna be a night of lamppost watching I think
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