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  1. BBC has the weather front's northernmost line at Liverpool - Sheffield. Way too far south for me. Need miracles.
  2. Moderately heavy snow settling freshly on the base layer achieved by a whiteout this morning!
  3. How about enjoying what's falling from the sky now rather than worrying about tomorrow? I haven't seen snow this heavy for years.
  4. If tomorrow keeps correcting north this weekend could be something special.
  5. Slush? What slush? The ice rink from yesterday stuck around in the main part, bar the odd melt on exposed spots. The snow this morning was steady and gave a fresh layer and now it's absolutely white-out conditions for the last 30-40 minutes. Gearing up to be a good day
  6. Just a steady trickle of light snow showers, following a few meatier ones this morning.
  7. Seem to be right on the northern edge of this streamer at the minute, can only hope the centre widens. Although a bit of snow settling readily.
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