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  1. Went out to de-ice the car about 30 mins ago, and it was just wet........ like everything else out there lol but just went out again and all the water on the car is suddenly frozen........ no precepitation at the moment in Lowestoft but think the air just changed suitably for when it gets here. 🙂
  2. Not related to the ssw but i thought the same when it looked like it should all be falling into place on the models in december but no really cold air was near us us to tap into, but if there was cold air to tap into the weather patterns would of often probably not allowed what was showing with stronger temperature gradients...
  3. Working in Hepworth, it started raining for 2 mins and the whole thing pretty much vanished though 😞
  4. Tower forming inbetween Bury St Edmunds and Diss, with a hercules plane circling it getting data, moving W/NW, mostly west, wont be formed till it's left me though 😞
  5. I'm in Lowestoft, nice to get some snow with it albeit not much......seem to of missed out on most of it during this cold spell.
  6. Net app didn't seem to pick it up but this did.... wondered what the hell was going on at the first strike lol
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