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  1. I say! Those posted charts are pure adult material. I nearly choked on coco pops. Ecm is very good at handling medium range but t+240 is fi. hopefully it's the result of the saw, and is a trend in the models for latter cross model consistency! Realistically however? Likely to water down imo. But forget the science.. I'll take those charts in an instant!!!!
  2. Been snizzling with moments of decent flakes occasionally since 2am. Gillingham Kent Cm in places but everything's turning lovely and white. Happy days
  3. Omg. Snowmageddon! Probably more then most have seen though to be fair. Share your flakes
  4. From sky news site Met Office spokesman Martin Bowles said: "Tonight is going to be very cold, there is a front coming into the North West and because we have got lots of cold air there is going to be lots of snow on it. "It is reaching north-west Scotland and Northern Ireland this evening and then it will gradually work its way into north Wales and north-west England overnight, including a good chance of some fairly substantial settling of snow in those areas. During tomorrow, it will continue to work its way into the South East, but as it does so it will become a much weaker a
  5. Some sleety stuff just moved through Gillingham. Quick!!! Bread and milk panic buy *sniggers*
  6. ETA Mr Sherman? And will the upper low over n France chuck any additional ppn into the mix?
  7. You mean to say we're not allowed to throw our toys out into the snow, or lack of? I guess I'll just take my (snow)ball back then! Hmph. Mods: you all do a damn fine job. We thank you muchly. Don't know why ppl are upset though. If you follow the words of both nicks and Mr murr for example.. you'll neither lose your heads or hair fretting. If we get snow then yay!!!! If not, or others do... then ah sure. We've seen 2010s epic winter- take comfort that your snowman won't melt eventually. Or as it is cold.. stick ya beer in the garden for a chilled bevvy tomorrow
  8. Nice animation. Thank you for that those uppers don't really suggest anything for us in se to worry over. -10 is very good. Someone posted about the north sea sst's being 7c i think it was? Surely conducive for some convective activity for e/ne facing coasts, we hope anyway. Any likelihood of some troughs kicking up from Nick sussex or sm if hes awake
  9. Haha @ cockney forecast. 'ope e ain't avin a bubble. Us suvna's could do wiv summat fun. An e ad to mention a ruby dint e. Hank Marvin for that as much as snow now
  10. Weather for the week ahead saying gales or severe gales across Kent for the (nearly) channel low Monday. Possible sleet/snow on western flank. So back edge wintry stuff as cold t850s dig down before pulling away I'm guessing... cool to see folks reporting wintry stuff tonight. Enjoy it peeps!!
  11. Presuming it's gfs 18z- t240 is laughable. Fantasy island.. more chance at that range of the sun turning to chocolate
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