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  1. Ok so it’s snowing! Wasn’t expecting that at all this far south
  2. I can’t imagine any showers getting across this far south but stranger things have happened
  3. Meanwhile snow is falling over a large part of the country and I have -5 over the snowfields!
  4. After watching my friends surf with a cider in my hand! I went swimming!
  5. We have a light flurry of snow at the moment which is always nice to see
  6. Yep my friends in Cornwall have been sending me pictures! Quite a covering next to the north coast.
  7. My friends on the north coast of Cornwall have just sent me pictures of the snow falling there! More than a lot of this region.
  8. Freezing hard, bit foggy. No more snow for this far east I am sure.
  9. May have been something else going on in 1940 as well. Can’t remember what but my dad mentioned something once. He also did talk about the 1940 and 1941 winter as he had just started his gardening apprenticeship at the age of 14.
  10. More still in Bollington as has been freezing fog and we had a little more
  11. 5” here just measured in top of my landrover driven down to Macc where is about 3” and more melt
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