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  1. Wardlegacy

    Need Help On The Site/forum?

    I realise that and will.
  2. Wardlegacy

    Need Help On The Site/forum?

    Wow I am busy working for a month after talking about the weather none stop and I am now deemed a none active member. One month isn’t very long is it?
  3. Woke up to snow well slush! Raining now. Up the hill is white nothing down the hill from me. 200m. Look like the snow level.
  4. Unless things change I doubt even Buxton will get much snow after 9am. Milder air is moving north pretty quickly looks like a dire wet day coming up. I could have enjoyed a day of wet heavy snow as a final goodbye to winter certainly better than cold heavy rain.
  5. We now have heavy rain forecast for Monday the signal for snow is diminishing rapidly.
  6. Been sunny here all day today until just Now when I went out and it started hailing. The best part three has been a myth for a while after a few models did show it for a day. Still might see a little snow on Monday and Tuesday but I have no interest in it now I have work to do!
  7. If the BBC app was right we wouldn’t even have seen any snow falling from the sky let alone settling
  8. STeady light snow falling now. Only settling where there is already snow cover
  9. Sun has gone in and it has stopped melting. Feels pretty bitter now. Felt quite nice when I left my house. Just seen a car whizz up the lane and come to a swift stop as it hit the snow drift.
  10. They often miss the impact that the severe weather will have on Pennines regions. Without a weather warning people come out sightseeing! Anyway, the local police have just tweeted about the difficult road condions IMPASSABLE A6 Disley to New Mills Styal Road, Styal Roe Street Macc Jordangate Macc VERY DIFFICULT A34 Wilmslow London Road Alderley Edge B5087 Alderley Edge to Macc A536 Macc to Congleton A523 Poynton Chester Road Poynton A523 Bosley to Leek B5470 Macc to Kettleshulme some of these roads are now blocked and many are low level routes that have not have not seen a snow plough since 1963!
  11. Very difficult isn’t it. Last time none of the areas that got the most severe snow in this region were under an amber inc. Buxton! At least this time East Cheshire was included in an amber and rightly so.
  12. Both northwest 4x4 response and peak 4x4 response are evidently in East Cheshire helping get people in today. Certainly doing a lot better than Cheshire Council!
  13. Cheshire and Derbyshire Police have said there is no safe route between the counties. Cheshire say if you try it and get stuck you’re on your own because they cant get close to you to rescue you.