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  1. You blinkin Cheshire plains people stealing it all from us Penniners
  2. Pretty much how 1987 fizzled out. Early promises of breakdown snow and then reality was a bit of freezing drizzle and a Misty warm up in a day.
  3. Still lightly snowing, some heavier bursts. Good covering. Almost tempted to go out for a drive in it and pretend I’m going into hyperspace.
  4. Southern edge of this and the best snow of the spell so far.
  5. You must have a different sun there, not much strength in it here yet. in a couple of weeks maybe. Zero melt here.
  6. Nope definitely not. In the past even a poor easterly delivered well on the peaks with dandruff everywhere else. I remember a few troughs in the past just down the Pennines whilst the rest of the region moaned about easterlies. Not seen one of them since the eighties though.
  7. Quite a streamer going now. knew I could feel snow in the air!
  8. It feels more like snow now and the clouds have more of a proper convective snow cloud look to them than they have done all day.
  9. After I had a little whinge we now have the best snow of the day and white over again.
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