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  1. Jus had very heavy hail and snow above Bollington left quite a covering of slush on the roads
  2. Finally snowing and we have a covering!
  3. Still nothing but a few pieces of hail in Bollington.
  4. Thanks. All my information had disappeared! Location is back now!
  5. Bollington it is in my profile not sure why this doesn’t show up anymore in posts
  6. A flake a flake I saw a flake! First precipitation of the day here and it is snow.
  7. Still no precipitation at all in Bollington
  8. Everything that is falling from the sky is snow. The problem is there is hardly anything falling, just a few flakes in the breeze. Still a covering of hail on my roof light from 4am this morning
  9. It does worry me that the last two days the met office app has shown heavy snow for me for next week, it now shows sleet at night and rain during the day and dry by Thursday. This happened last time and all the snow ended up in Birmingham!
  10. What makes you think the shower activity is being overplayed?
  11. That’s for Monday, are any models showing any different for that early in the week!
  12. Because snow isn’t that simple and relies on more than one parameter as is so often shown. Some of our heaviest falls have come from such uppers
  13. Light rain in Bollington right now, usually I would expect snow here