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  1. Big band of sleet north or London, anyone getting sleet or is it just rain ☔️
  2. Got a few hours left of it yet may have 1cm if slush but the time it’s gone
  3. Got a few hours left of it yet may have 1cm if slush but the time it’s gone
  4. Just got in the lorry for a call out I hat road, Brentwood, come up warley hill, and snow is covered everywhere from yesterday everything snowy no thaw hear and snowing heavy here with back roads becoming slightly covered again and also on previous laying snow, think were in for a surprise this after noon also -0.5c now also
  5. Sorry for so many post this morning guys lol, currently watching the talk n turn to sleet- snow to rain - snow to rain- to sleet - gales - rain - snow, and so on deffo colder though now the wind has hit
  6. Updated at 8:04, still suggests snow Later in the day, will be nice to watch though.
  7. Was snowing here in Brentwood, but mow back to rain, I hope the BBC and met office, forecast is correct, if the temp is 0c as shown there is the possibility of settling snow, if as shown it snows from 11/12 right until 7pm, just a possibility, I think the low needs to move off the the east before dew points and temperature make that small but significant drop. I say this as the temperature is forecast for 0c for 4 hours, allowing the ground to drop below freezing, even if the ground is saturated the slush will remain and snow settles on top, which is horrible snow as is horrible and wet but it
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