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  1. 1 hour ago, Barmada_Casten said:

    Guys, an experienced head here. I have been on this forum since 2003 and see this every single year. It is so bad I barely post anymore but I can’t bare it so I have logged in. Last nights posts were an outright embarrassment from some of you, completely over-hyping a slight chance of abit of cold weather that was nothing out of the ordinary. The models are not hinting at anything  particularly significant and please bear in mind that when they do they 905% of the time usually downgrade massively. Experience plays a huge part in model watching, as an experienced member of the forum with a degree in Science and weather I am urging everyone to show some level-headidness. This winter is already shaping up to be a standard modern UK winter: ie/ mild, wet with the occasional snowfalls chiefly linked to high ground in north England and Scotland. Thank you, Barmada Casten.

    Hi guys experienced head here I've got a degree in mechanical engineering and I've experienced weather every day for 52 years. (sarcasm)  THIS IS A MODEL DISCUSSION FORUM  ie people discuss what the model shows on any particular run be it good or bad and what weather they may produce should they verify, if you feel embarrassed reading some posts or it annoys your superior intellect  then do not login and especially do not disrespect posters with self righteous comments. 

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  2. No No No from an avid cold and snow lover the past week has been amazing but there is a time and a place for all that, so come on Elsa, let it go. (hum tune in head). Roll on warm spring and hot summer but with sun at minimum cycle lets have an awesome winter NEXT YEAR !

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