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  1. Weather for the Week Ahead - BBC Weather WWW.BBC.CO.UK A cold start to 2021 thanks to the jet stream dipping south and staying there a while. Things are looking up especially for next weekend. Looks as though a battle ground scenario is favourite 🤞
  2. Hi guys experienced head here I've got a degree in mechanical engineering and I've experienced weather every day for 52 years. (sarcasm) THIS IS A MODEL DISCUSSION FORUM ie people discuss what the model shows on any particular run be it good or bad and what weather they may produce should they verify, if you feel embarrassed reading some posts or it annoys your superior intellect then do not login and especially do not disrespect posters with self righteous comments.
  3. Just heard on Radio 5 live disruptive snow in South Wales for Rush hour Thursday morning.
  4. Exeters extended forecast looking promising plus next weeks possible snow events. I think there's still hope yet. Keep the Faith guys
  5. Lol automatically swapped a r s e for weeble whats a weeble lol
  6. Black ice everywhere went straight on my weeble on the decking. Be careful peeps.
  7. Snow settling here only on the grass though. Elevated part of Newport. It's a start though fingers crossed for the main event.
  8. Just beat me to it Andy. Nice to see they are onboard
  9. Me and the wife in Pompeii last summer for my 50th
  10. I love this thread it's informative and educational but now and again it takes a downward spiral. Can we please move on before it goes down the plughole.
  11. Aaaaahhhh was waiting for MOTD been avoiding results all evening lol
  12. No No No from an avid cold and snow lover the past week has been amazing but there is a time and a place for all that, so come on Elsa, let it go. (hum tune in head). Roll on warm spring and hot summer but with sun at minimum cycle lets have an awesome winter NEXT YEAR !
  13. Think thats a definite upgrade ?Hold on everyone its gonna be a hell a ride snowmageddon is here❄❄❄❄❄ Seriously though be safe all, much love
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