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  1. Decent upgrade here on the ECM eps from the 12z although the op was on the colder side
  2. GEFS 0z has more members than the 18z going for sub -10 uppers at 850hpa in fife scotland so a step forward on there and ECM looking better Hopefully we can keep seeing upgrades and the block getting into Greenland and not collapsing as there is plenty cold uppers to tap into over russia by this point
  3. Wednesday could get really interesting from how this BBC weather reporter is talking
  4. UKMO 144hr 850 temp chart we see the 0c line move well away and lots of scope for prolonging the cold spell further
  5. The low definitely looks further south on the 12z Cold air looks further south as well and the cold pool looks to be just a little stronger
  6. ICON 12z has the 0c temp line a little further south over northern spain than the 6z so hopefully an early good sign
  7. Hopefully this just turns out to be the same as the easterly is going too far south incident we had and over the next 24hrs things get back to how they were looking earlier on
  8. Is what we are seeing in the output now because the whole of the PV has been shunted into russia and placing too much pressure on the blocking to allow any easterly winds to exert thereselves on our side of the hemisphere?
  9. Strange how it can be the milder option down south but one of the colder here in scotland till nearer the end of the run how often can that happen?
  10. The 18z ensembles don't even look to keep the cold here in the scottish central belt
  11. The UKMO fax charts yesterdays 12z 96hrs todays 0z 84hrs and todays 12z 72hrs all for this tuesday and the high over scandinavia is being upgraded every chart and so is the bank of sub 510 dam air spreading through europe
  12. ECM snowfall charts from just the operational (master) and the control at day 10 and from the looks of the control it takes the low into france so a big change just between them and hopefully the control is right with this one
  13. I wonder what the spread is in the ens from cold v warm perspective maybe 25-13?
  14. More spread at the end of run compared to the 0z and mean a little less cold but the op is way off towards the end
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