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  1. Wow Everyone really has given up on our so called winter now, hardly a post on the model output in 2 days!!
  2. If its any consolation guys the lunchtime Look North forecast `looked` like showers would really pep up and become heavier later on this evening onwards We shall see
  3. At least there is more interest for all those seeking cold in the models at the moment even if the end result is pretty much as per normal!! Models have been very bullish rolling out week after week of milder than average dross recently...……..a points deduction without question should be enforced for the models bare cheek...……..will the outlook improve..………….very SCEPTICAL!!! ? LIKEY CREEEEEEEEEWWWWW
  4. Yes, yes indeed I`m very sceptical of this occurring, very sceptical indeed!!!
  5. Are you panicking just in case it does happen? very sad indeed
  6. Oh I don`t know I`m not as sceptical this will happen as I was a few weeks ago!! get it, get it!!?? ?
  7. ????? LIKEY LIKEY CREW!!!!! Where do I join
  8. This is fantastic news, isn`t it? just isn't`it !!???? unless your a coldie?????????? likey like like
  9. In a hunt for cold thread are people not allowed to be overly optimistic then?? (likey likey Summer Sun??)
  10. From what lunchtime look north showed they could be heavy at times throughout albeit retreating towards the coast as the night went on, very much `some places would see none, others a good covering` etc What was interesting was the (a bit rushed) graphics at the end showing the warmer orange colours coming through on Tuesday not before with another band of snow on Monday!!
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