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  1. Finally joined in the action here in Boston Spa after a dry day, wind has turned more Easterly now Total whiteout!!
  2. Swings both ways if you all care to be objective?? There are plenty of posters (we all know who they are) who cannot wait to post mild charts using language and sarcasm that is obviously intent of winding up anyone who is looking for cold and snow. So while there are I agree some that don`t always see what the models are showing especially if mild they should not be ridiculed for chasing that ever elusive winter wonderland that is oh so rare in the UK
  3. I was thinking of signing off to but reading the MOD thread last couple of days it seems there could be at least 1 or 2 more snow opportunities for our region yet albeit probably not as severe but certainly notable!!
  4. Light snow here, nothing on radar!!
  5. Wasn`t it the GFS who picked up this cold spell way back also? Not out of the question again on the back of the 2nd SSW perhaps, buckle up!
  6. We can hope for short term upgrades for tonight and the weekend, as we have all seen this week things can change both ways at very short notice in these setups so its certainly possible!
  7. Its been baffling me to, cheers @Craigers for explanation
  8. Yes but looks to be patchy at best and by tomorrow evening turning to rain/sleet away from the highest ground Looks like going out with a whimper this cold spell sadly!
  9. Yep looks very much like game over for the majority of us now going on latest forecasts
  10. Yer there is so much unknown in a lot of Beeb/Meto forecasts at the moment, plenty of uncertainty which TBF they are freely admitting Have to hope these guys are on the money (very well respected on TWO) and perhaps we will all be back again on radar watching before to long
  11. Just been watching a very interesting live video chat on you tube by a couple of guys who post on TWO (Gavin P & Quantum) What was particularly interesting for our region was they mentioned the reason we haven`t had the showers today was down to a rise in `wind sheerings` I think that's what they said (no idea what they are) but they expected these to decline again tonight and so areas that had the recent heavy snow showers should indeed continue to have quite a few more both tomorrow and Saturday
  12. Certainly confusing regarding current forecasts................. We have updated Met Office video forecast showing a lot of showers both tonight and tomorrow throughout the region Then we have BBC Weather website text forecast for Look North updated 2 hours ago which reads very snowy Finally as mentioned above lunchtime Look North forecast more or less dry until at least Friday night!! Decent odds in favour maybe lol
  13. Blimey! All bets do seem to be off at the moment with forecasts Crazy but exciting times ahead
  14. Into Yorkshire tonight or is it the snow that has been mentioned tomorrow night into weekend? Thanks
  15. Just seen Look North again her words were `tomorrow perhaps a slight rest bite from the showers but it will turn increasingly cloudy as we move through the day with further snow as we move into the weekend`