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  1. In a hunt for cold thread are people not allowed to be overly optimistic then?? (likey likey Summer Sun??)
  2. From what lunchtime look north showed they could be heavy at times throughout albeit retreating towards the coast as the night went on, very much `some places would see none, others a good covering` etc What was interesting was the (a bit rushed) graphics at the end showing the warmer orange colours coming through on Tuesday not before with another band of snow on Monday!!
  3. It hasn`t been updated since yesterday yet!!!!! Read back peeple
  4. Spot on! There are one or 2 posters that will feel like a dog with 2 dangly`s reading this mornings models The models are so volatile at the moment and lets not forget the weather we are seeing now is typical autumn fare I wouldn`t bet against it all looking different again this time tomorrow based on previous experience only!
  5. It`s a good job they change more often than the weather then and are about as reliable! (see what I did there)
  6. Great stuff, thought the banter thread worked really well previously giving people a place to let off steam amongst other things etc. Hopefully people who have an obvious hate of anything cold and enjoy highlighting all things mild can now be encouraged to use it instead of the `hunt for cold` thread
  7. Exactly, going to be interesting to say the least where ECM sits in ensembles later....as I keep reading from the level headed posters….keep the faith guys! p.s can anyone buy an out of breath Summer Sun a new return button for his `likes` ? all your Christmas etc etc
  8. Brilliant! Come on peeps lets all chill, literally I hope!!!
  9. I don`t disagree with everything you say and apologise for being a bit sarky but if there was ever a place where 384 charts can be posted without the usual (in general) ridicule then surely this is the exact thread, isn`t it? The different threads people a chance to discuss their own preferences in more detail IMO anyway
  10. So its ok for posters to call out several people for posting FI charts?? what part of `hunt for cold thread` do people not understand???
  11. Great post but don`t waste your breath, firmly in the SS camp this fellow!!
  12. Its the one the MO are more than hinting at but of course you know that anyway
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