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  1. Decided to tally up how much I've wasted on alcohol over the years.... close to £60,000! 

    On a more positive note,  a big milestone yesterday, 4 months / 120 days :drunk-emoji: free :santa-emoji:

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    2. Essex Easterly

      Essex Easterly

      Feel so much better for it! It's shocking how much physical & mental change that's occurred in such a short space of time, going through some of my old photo's compared to more recent ones are like night and day, I was adamant at the time I didn't have jaundice because I couldn't see it in my eyes, but looking at the comparisons, I can definitely see a difference in skin tone, so probably wasn't far off, which is quite scary, all the physical symptoms were there but there was some kind of mental block


    3. snow raven

      snow raven

      Well done Essex Easterly, I was wondering how your detox was going.  I remember feeling exactly how you do when I went through my own residential detox stay.

      Whenever you feel the urge for a drink, remember how you feel right now.  How much healthier you look and feel and how much better mentally you are now.  That's how I deal with the cravings and thinking 'one drink won't hurt' 

      It's been 4 years at the end of this month since my inpatient detox.  If I can do it, you can too.  I hope you are still getting good support now you are home as that can help with long term recovery too.  Message me if you ever need to talk to someone that understands.


    4. Essex Easterly

      Essex Easterly

      Thanks snow raven! Well done on the 4 years that's amazing! I'm surrounded by support, from various whatsapp groups I've joined over the last few months (we also do zoom), staff here where I live, private counselling, online meetings with Essex ARC and also support groups with Futures in Mind, as well as family and friends, think I could struggle a bit when I get my own place in roughly 6 months time, but will get continued support from staff here with home visits, a bit nervous about it as I've never lived independently, but quite excited at the same time, it's the next step that's been a long time coming!  


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