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  1. Woke up freezing this morning because I forgot to set the boiler timer, flat got down to 14c, not sure how long I was sleeping in the cold for but it was a shock to wake up to, especially with only a summer duvet 🙄

  2. Worst: November, drab dreary and wet, although I do like the fog and crisp mornings Best: February, for chance of severe cold and snow
  3. What a dung day, had a seizure and  had to get the ambulance out, got my vitals checked, everything was good apart from body temperature, but cba going to hospital agaiin

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    2. Essex Easterly

      Essex Easterly

      I think they are sick of the sight of me lol, been up and down the surgery so many times in the last few months for various health problems, I have another gastroscopy on the 23rd at a private hospital and then going to see the GP after that to discuss results

    3. Dami


      Hope that goes well.

    4. Essex Easterly
  4. Sounds like you need to buy a washing line instead of using garden trees
  5. There are no current warnings for the dartford crossing according to.... wait for it.. Willyweather. River Thames--Queen Elizabeth II Bridge Weather Warnings, EE - WillyWeather WIND.WILLYWEATHER.CO.UK Current active weather warnings for River Thames--Queen Elizabeth II Bridge, issued by the Met Office. Create alerts and filter by warning category.
  6. Trans Rights Group Force 'Always' Tampons To Remove Feminine Logo To Be More Inclusive - The Hook THEHOOKSITE.COM The makers of Always sanitary pads has given in to claims of discrimination by transgender men and removed the ‘Venus’ symbol (associated with the female sex) from its wrapping and...
  7. Here's an overlay displaying Hagabis's current track and the proximity to the Japanese Suzuka circuit
  8. Saturday running cancelled in Japan – full revised timetable for Sunday | Formula 1® WWW.FORMULA1.COM Weather has been the number one talking point heading into this weekend’s Japanese Grand Prix, and on Friday...
  9. Sleet for the next 3 years and then a full 3cm downpour come 2022 sounds likely
  10. Thanks! Odd that their direct link doesn't show up the latest time frame I originally though it was a time zone issue too but looking at the key message image could see the full probability track, which kept me wondering why the full image wouldn't show, I remember seeing a full image yesterday but couldn't find it today lol
  11. Anyone got a link for a fully working image of this with the south east not cut out? I know they have one as on the summary page you can see a full probability image, but clicking on the larger image gives this cut off.
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