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  1. Just back from a week in Relugas and we thought it was a beautiful place. We love the Borders but first time to this area so limited time to see places, Forres was a pleasant enough small town. We were there for chillin with long walks and bike rides (me!). Very quiet compared to home with much less traffic on the roads. The rivers Divie and Findhorn had some stunning walks and both Culbin and Roseisle forests/beaches were incredible. We never saw anything that could be considered a village in the 2 places you mention. I'd move there in a heartbeat!
  2. Incredible difference, we just miss single figure maximums in summer months and have already had quite a few single figure days.
  3. 2c here this morning and we're not a particularly frosty spot. Coldest August temperature I can ever remember, would be interesting to see what the frost hollows recorded. I've known many winter months not record a temperature this low, surprised the media not making more of record breaking cold in some places.
  4. I can beat you all! Stunningly cold here, mid afternoon,11c and strong winds. Can't remember ever being this cold in August and it is just the icing on the cake of a really poor summer.
  5. Cloudy, breezy and temperature of 15c!!!! Heatwave? We very rarely get one up here.
  6. I wish this possible heat would turn up in north east England as yet again, the summer here has been dire. Currently 13c, mid summer afternoon, under thick cloud. Not the first time either, wondering if it is almost record breaking cold? The forecast yesterday on local radio was 18c today and warm!?? How can temperatures below normal be classed as warm? There seems to be a reticence about saying cold or below average!
  7. Snow was below average, icy/frosty mornings were probably above, sick of de-icing now (-4 this morning). Plenty of cold days which seems at odds with a lot of folk though this is also true when the south of the UK has warm/hot summers and here in NE England it stays cool/cold/average most of the time.
  8. We were first told this in the early 90's and it turned out to be incorrect. I suspect it will be the same this time.
  9. An amazing difference over a short distance. I've lost count of the number of times we've already had to scrape ice from the cars, not just on a morning but a few times prior to leaving work as ice/frost returned early. I've known whole winters that received less frosts than we've already had. Plenty of cold days too for cycling and walking in. Snow has barely fallen at this height asl but there have been several falls higher up and our typical winter sees only small snow amounts anyway. There have also been mild days but again I've known plenty of winters with more double figure day
  10. Some extremely cold air dropping down through British Columbia, Canada. Warnings out regarding the very unusual depth of cold.
  11. Amazing difference to here. No sign of any of the above, maybe snowdrop shoots are just breaking the surface but thats normal. We've had plenty of ice/frosty mornings so far this winter.
  12. Springlike?!! Very icy here with a low of -2 and a high of 3 so a cold winter day with frost persisting in places. Nice and sunny but a day for wrapping up!
  13. Absolutely spot on, some of the comments in here are comical.
  14. At last, the truth! Reading some of the comments in here and in the mad thread it's clear some people think we have a climate like NE states or continental Europe! The autumn and first few weeks of winter here have seen plenty of frost/ice and cold days. No snow as such except on higher ground. Far too much rain and grey gloomy days but mild days have been in short supply. I've known many a whole winter with less cold/frosty days than this one and we're only a few weeks in. A reality check never goes amiss!
  15. In between cold and very wet spells another icy morning, car needs fully de icing!
  16. Another cold wet one, 4c. Frosty yesterday morning then wet and cold afternoon onwards. Just looked at current London temp, 16c!!! Different world down south, can't remember the last time it reached 16 here as a daytime high!
  17. Going against the grain, another cold and wet day, temp 8c. North east England, the only place in the world without rising temps, lol.
  18. Incredible, record cold and snow. Haven't seen anything on our TV, wonder why. Tired of the prolonged cold and wet here, fields are flooding and it's just downright unpleasant unless your behind glass! Need a long dry period now though can't see it happening. Temp struggling to hit 9c!!
  19. NE England may as well be a different climate zone to the south now, a high of 14c today, windy and cloudy again with a little rain thrown in for good measure!
  20. No doubt about it, climate has always changed and always will.
  21. Same here, dry and bright forecast, started tipping it down early morning then continued for hours. Another really poor day.
  22. Another vile day, heavy rain yet again and cold. Fields and roads filling up with water yet again. Forecast high tomorrow 13/14c!! A mild January day. Summers ain't getting warmer here.
  23. This would do, trust me! A temp of 17 and on and off rain doesn't. What happened to becoming fine, sunny and settled? Thick black cloud again this morning, hopefully we can scrape a couple of hours of sun today to make up for yesterday.
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