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  1. Second lot of snow here for this winter. An impressive and lengthy snow shower/storm going on at the moment, the world is white !!
  2. Until the mentality of the dirty lazy people who chuck litter changes, things will never improve. It's horrendous around here and I suspect the majority don't really notice it anymore! Trees/bushes at the sides of even country roads contain litter and those busier roads are bordered by what are basically litter trees. As a cyclist it amazes me how the hedgerows along quiet country lanes are full of tin drink cans! Literally dozens and dozens over short stretches. Bin collection days.....gale force winds the night before and many stupid people putting out recycling bin the night before even though bin won't be collected until after noon the next day! Result is streets full of paper/plastic. Basic common sense is missing. Too many people who don't care then educate their kids to do exactly the same. It's a shame as we live in a beautiful part of the world.
  3. We had extreme winter conditions Feb/March this year and also the winters of 2009/10 and 2010/11, surely we can't exceed those spells? It seems like the frequency of severe spells in winter is increasing.
  4. Cloudy, 11c. No heatwave here after a couple of warm days.
  5. Temp fell noticeably this evening as the north sea yet again showed itself. Currently 13 while a lot of the country basks in low 20's. I'd fill it in if I could!
  6. Been a beautiful day, another 12 months of this will make up for the last 12 months))
  7. Think yourself lucky, 10c here and raining! After 3 day's of lovely weather back to the cold and wet. We've had a lack of warmth for getting onto a year now.
  8. That's an understatement! Temp has been stuck at 5c all week, wet at times and thoroughly miserable, if you venture outside. Still, it's not as cold as the beginning of the month when max's were 1-4 degrees with torrential rain/sleet/snow for 3 of the 4 Easter day's. Continues the theme of the last 10 month here, eternal winter.
  9. Another very cold mid April day slightly warmer than yesterday at 5.9c, lol.
  10. Another awful January day. Mid afternoon, getting onto mid April, current temp 5.4c!! It'll take months of above average just to average out the last 10 months. Everywhere is waterlogged when walking hounds. Noticed that not all of the daffodils are out yet, never seen them trying to flower this late. Temp actually just nudged above average yesterday, one day, and now we're back into well below for day's on end. Same trend as the last 10 months. Think I'm suffering from SAD!
  11. Same here, and it's been a very cold rain too. Most day's the last week have been lucky to scrape 4c as a max and it's currently snowing again. Higher ground has seen several episodes of lying snow. Can't believe that after models hinted at something approaching average the GFS is now leading us back into another easterly! When will this never ending winter blow itself out! Well yes , I know it's already mid spring.
  12. Really poor Easter. 3 out of the 4 day's heavy rain/sleet and temps between 1 and 4c!! When will it warm up?
  13. Incedible weather. -3c on an evening in the second half of March with gale force winds and heavy snow showers. Never seen that before.
  14. Said the same thing almost 2 weeks ago in the build up to this now exceptional spell. Without records but in my opinion this winter has seen the highest amount of frosts/ice in my memory, say 70's onwards. The winters with a severe 1 or 2 week spell such as 81/87/91/09/10 from memory, were just that with no great amount of frosty nights outside of the severe spells. I've never needed to de ice the car as much! Me and the lads have never had a winter with as many icy bike rides! Day's with double figure temps have been very few and far between, I've known winters with barely any frost and weeks and weeks of double digit day's. Unless my thermometer is wrong the general theme of below average temps has been going on since last June. Surprised you only saw 4", luckily we saw around double that with canny drifting too!
  15. Ouch, that's a bit harsh and to be fair he's not the only one to have a mild winter bias. There's another who now seems to spend most of his time in the Short range model discussion thread which means he seems to have disappeared from the MOD. Good news!
  16. Lol, I hope that you're right, it would be an indication that our climate is changing! The chances of seeing what we've just seen in the next 3-5 years are almost nil. So soon after '09 and '10 is a surprise. What you've just seen is exceptional, 2 day's of max temps of -3 and -4 with almost gale force winds and heavy snow showers? That's not normal UK climate.
  17. Hopefully you're right but there's nothing showing on the radar, not much anyway, and hasn't been for the last 5 hrs or so.
  18. Probably just covering themselves. Light snow here from time to time but it's definitely died away.
  19. A morning of some intense mini blizzards earlier, just the odd flake now. Without doubt a historic event here, it is so rare to get temps several degrees below freezing, strong winds off the sea and heavy snow all at once! 2010 had more snow but this beats it for the blizzards over several day's. 2013 pales in comparison. Coupled with the amount of ice and frost from October onwards and the 7/8 light snowfalls we've already had, winter 17/18 is right up there. After last summers crap temperatures too, it will be interesting to see whether summer 18 is as cool!
  20. Not here, think had 18" of snow but easy to measure as wasn't windy plus temp would sink just under 0c then just over depending on wind direction. Think it will be a long time till this is repeated.
  21. We normally get one from the three but rarely all together (wind/snow/cold)!
  22. Did well this morning from about 6am, pretty much a full on blizzard. Can anyone remember the temperature so low (-4) in a strong wind off the sea? At 60asl!
  23. Just been for a walk. Rare conditions for my neck of the woods, blizzard conditions in strong winds heavy snow and -3.5c!! Awesome.
  24. Yes been watching and they're definitely pepping up, also activity just off sw coast of Norway, can't workout what it's doing though I presume that's the really cold air starting to move towards us.
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