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  1. Going against the grain, another cold and wet day, temp 8c. North east England, the only place in the world without rising temps, lol.
  2. Incredible, record cold and snow. Haven't seen anything on our TV, wonder why. Tired of the prolonged cold and wet here, fields are flooding and it's just downright unpleasant unless your behind glass! Need a long dry period now though can't see it happening. Temp struggling to hit 9c!!
  3. NE England may as well be a different climate zone to the south now, a high of 14c today, windy and cloudy again with a little rain thrown in for good measure!
  4. No doubt about it, climate has always changed and always will.
  5. Same here, dry and bright forecast, started tipping it down early morning then continued for hours. Another really poor day.
  6. Another vile day, heavy rain yet again and cold. Fields and roads filling up with water yet again. Forecast high tomorrow 13/14c!! A mild January day. Summers ain't getting warmer here.
  7. This would do, trust me! A temp of 17 and on and off rain doesn't. What happened to becoming fine, sunny and settled? Thick black cloud again this morning, hopefully we can scrape a couple of hours of sun today to make up for yesterday.
  8. It certainly does, I'm away off again on Thursday to the blue sky!
  9. It's just poor, people getting told that it's not cool and cloudy? Trust me it is. 17c middle of July is cool. The regular afternoon rains have turned up after a mostly cloudy day....again. Yet again the headlines were turning mostly sunny, warm and dry but yet again it's the opposite.
  10. The poor summer continues. Missed out yesterday yet again as it was mostly cloudy and breezy with temps maybe just nudging average. Was in Cambridge on thursday and it was lovely, hot and sunny, returned home to cloud cool and wind. Forecast high tomorrow is just 14!! No brown grass here, I'd settle for even average temps never mind warm, coupled with some blue sky.
  11. For the first week of July that's a poor forecast for my location, no where near northern Scotland. I've also noticed recently that the Met office tend to over egg summer temperature forecasts. The recent non existent heatwave a prime example compared to other 'resources'. This coming week is another example, the App I use (supplier I believe the same one that supply the BBC) has high temps for Newcastle of 17..17..19..17 then dropping further for next weekend, 15/16c!! Well below average but not reflected in the met office forecast. I know who my money is on.
  12. Horrible start to July, cloudy and very windy.
  13. For once a beautiful start to the day, made the mistake of taking the hounds out in shorts and T shirt, it's freezing!! Temp is only 5c, I'll take even average now please, sick of the cold.
  14. Apparently this was the week of an extreme heatwave and the BBC would soon fall into line.........midweek now and so far it's been well below average never mind even warm here. Very damp, grey and cool again to start the day and with a forecast high temp of 15c today the search for even average temps goes on. Dire summer so far.
  15. Yet another hideous summer day in this awful summer.
  16. BBC app showing max's of 16-19 for the next week here, with one day hitting 20. Just a continuation of the below average temps we've seen for a good while now. The only record breaking temps seen here in June were record cold days max temp wise, referred to by many as 'cooler' weather! I would love the BBC to be wrong!
  17. Probably coldest ever June day . At 250m asl, mid afternoon, mid June, temp 7.8c, unbelievable.
  18. Probably coldest ever June day . At 250m asl, mid afternoon, mid June, temp 7.8c, unbelievable.
  19. Second lot of snow here for this winter. An impressive and lengthy snow shower/storm going on at the moment, the world is white !!
  20. Until the mentality of the dirty lazy people who chuck litter changes, things will never improve. It's horrendous around here and I suspect the majority don't really notice it anymore! Trees/bushes at the sides of even country roads contain litter and those busier roads are bordered by what are basically litter trees. As a cyclist it amazes me how the hedgerows along quiet country lanes are full of tin drink cans! Literally dozens and dozens over short stretches. Bin collection days.....gale force winds the night before and many stupid people putting out recycling bin the night before even though bin won't be collected until after noon the next day! Result is streets full of paper/plastic. Basic common sense is missing. Too many people who don't care then educate their kids to do exactly the same. It's a shame as we live in a beautiful part of the world.
  21. We had extreme winter conditions Feb/March this year and also the winters of 2009/10 and 2010/11, surely we can't exceed those spells? It seems like the frequency of severe spells in winter is increasing.
  22. Cloudy, 11c. No heatwave here after a couple of warm days.
  23. Temp fell noticeably this evening as the north sea yet again showed itself. Currently 13 while a lot of the country basks in low 20's. I'd fill it in if I could!
  24. You would have got a laughing emoji but since someone on here became all offended by people using this emoji, alas........ I admire your tenacity on this thread, I've got the English hater's on ignore and only see posts which are quoted and there aren't half some raw nerves being hit north of the border recently, lol.
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