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  1. The problem GW is that the very mild symptoms are the same as every other viruses that go round at this time of year. The runny nose and cough associated with said runny nose you might or might not have a sore throat and you might or might not have a bit up and down temperature. (I've had all of those in the last week. I didn't feel ill just a bit deflated with the constant blowing of the nose. When it got going I stayed at home for three days but never seriously though I had the big C as I've not travelled overseas or knowingly been anywhere with the virus, unless you class the whole of York as an at risk area.) Unless we have a mass testing regime we will not know the true extent the virus is in our population already. Good to see your home town escaped this weekend.
  2. It is 9 days since the 2 York cases first came to light. You would expect the next few days will be crucial here if they have passed on the virus. Lets hope no further cases are identified.
  3. It has also been stated that they did not contract the virus in the UK
  4. But interestingly the sunspot number on each day has been 0 not 11 or 14 or any other number above the minimum number which I believe to be 11. Again the same applies today
  5. For the last 3 days sunspot number has been at 0 yet spotless days remain on 16 why?
  6. When Moria Stewart reported this this morning on Classic FM she reported the depth as 10mm so someone dropped a heavy weight!!!
  7. I believe the first 6 months will be very quiet with spotless days between 85 and 90% before we start to see an uptick in activity in the second half. A count between 285 and 290 is my guess
  8. Svensmark and others like Hamish Gordon and the work at CERN all go a long way down the path of 'directly attributing levels of cosmic rays to levels of cloud cover. In regard to volcanic activity and solar minimum but especially low or very low solar minimum there has been shown a direct link between the two. Yes the exact science may not be known but the link is there. So what 'kind of way' would you like it expressed in. No doubt your way or no way!!
  9. So no one is allowed to postulate a theory anymore. If it wasn't written with a believe in mind in wouldn't be written at all. The theory of agitating magma during solar minimum due to the weak magnetic field protection of the sun is not new and the word ignite can mean excite /cause greater chemical reaction etc etc.
  10. Nothing new or unexpected for someone who feels it necessary to capitalise in red and Laugh out loud. JUST PLAIN RUDE GROW UP And I don't change my profile name every two seconds
  11. Yes but also the night time temp has been low for this time of year in Victoria from 11c overnight to 40c during the day. The high temps are not the only story here
  12. There is a view point that next year will have fewer sunspots than this in which case we are in 07/08 comparison in cycle terms. Only time will tell
  13. When anyone puts lol (laugh out loud) at the end of a statement it just becomes rude unnecessary and bluntly offensive. You will never see me doing that but then some off you clearly think its funny I don't
  14. For a start December 2008 holds no comparison to this December and certainly the jan feb march period of 2009 holds no comparison to 47 so don't really get your point unless of course you are bringing in CC
  15. was December 46 not similar to know and then look what happened. All notable winters don't start until late December /early Jan
  16. Hi Roger I tend to agree with you. I don't think enough has been done to explain why earth has gone through warmer periods which cannot be related to man's activities. Once we explain that and understand properly the true natural climatic patterns then perhaps we can better understand man's influence and understand whether we can or its worth doing something about. From my own perspective not enough credit is given to the strength of the solar cycles since the Dalton minimum and certainly not cycles 21 and 22 which where the highest most active cycles for centuries. We must remember some said not that long ago that cycles 24 and 25 would be significantly stronger than they actually are or now predicted to be and those who actually got it right predict that we will return after cycle 26 so 27 28 to what we saw with cycles 21 and 22. So I have no doubt come 2100 we will see sea level rises and a warmer planet no matter what we do with CO2. That doesn't mean we shouldn't work to stop polluting or using resource recklessly and managing our activities better. Keep up the good work and I look forward to your study being shared here
  17. And we know that our runs have been broken by the fleeting sunspot with the lowest count of 11. You have to wonder if some of the runs noted in the table would have achieved the same number under today's observation methods?
  18. I didn't and don't think I missed anything. As soon as Ben Stokes name was on the paper you knew who would win. There are far more worthy people involved and participating in disability and minor sports
  19. We don't need any more wet thankyou very much. What we need is cold and dry at least until the new year then it can snow as much as it likes
  20. I don't think my thought back on November the 1st will be far wrong probably nearer 280 than not
  21. Depends on what you mean by reasonable alternatives. Who decides what is reasonable or what the parameters of reasonableness is. Is it reasonable to explore an avenue that once was discounted now that more knowledge is available or because it was discounted once so it must remain. It akin to those who shout loudest shut down legitimate comment and challenge to a given view point doesn't mean that view point is correct. When Nish Kumar was booed off stage for making Brexit jokes who was right!!! Not those throwing bread roles. The same happens within the climate debate unfortunately.
  22. The world has gone mad when reasonable alternatives are given to perceived orthodoxy which are immediately shut down before they can gain any form of comment approving or challenging. I would suggest such behaviour is similar to the treatment of Galileo by the Inquisition and we know was proven right then!!!!
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