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  1. dog biscuits to that, always the way here in our wee Isle, as usual lol!
  2. Up around South antrim here, 20 miles west of belfast
  3. SWlies over here in Northern Ireland spell moisture rich mild weather, unless we get a fridge opened up from the North or East to cool the dampness
  4. Been howling here from 1630, the odd gust, Bella flexing her muscles, il take it if she brings some snow on the back edge 🤣
  5. I remember going to work Christmas eve eve 0420 in the morning with -16c on the car gauge, 2 pairs of socks and jogging bottoms under work trousers lol, eyelashes and everything freezing at one stage... but still loved it
  6. Guys/girls, are these storms going to migrate over the Irish sea to northern Ireland from the mainland later today?
  7. Up here in belfast the sky to the SE looking very promising indeed
  8. Heres hoping m8, not too frequent up here for the storms...
  9. Im outside belfast here, working nightshift at the airport, hopefully get a bit of a show later on??
  10. As they show the development up the irish sea moving east will the isle of ireland get a sniff at the end of the week?
  11. Northern Ireland doesn't get much electric storms but i remember 2 absolutely cracking ones, early 90s from my memory but never seen such lightning and the sharp cracks of thunder, not the usual far away low rumbles. My parents car caught a strike and it set the alarm off, my neighbour seen it and saw the car flash orange! The intensity was amazing, you could sense the pressure difference as my head got really heavy and gone once it moved over. Heres to a thunderstorm mega summer!?
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