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    Snow, extreme weather, books, cycling, nature, walking, metaphysics.
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    Snow and cold
  1. showery, cool and wet. Outside temp 5.0c. Outside humudity 90%. Overnight low 3.7c. Pressure 993hpa.
  2. dank, drizzle, blustery, very mild. Temp low teens, approx 13c. Humidity 95%.
  3. Overcast, dank, drizzly,cool. Outside temp 7.7c. Outside humidity 94%.
  4. cool dry and cloudy. Outside temp 6.3c. Outside humidity 89%. Overnight low 4.9c. Pressure 1029hpa steady. Wind 11km/h south east.
  5. Overcast, cool and dry. Outside temp 7.9c. Outside humidity 88%. Overnight low of 2.6c. Pressure 1029hpa steady. Wind 14km/h south east.
  6. bright, cool and dry. Wind north.
  7. Wet, overcast, mild. Outside temp 9.4c. Outside humidity 94%. Pressure 1012hpa steady. Wind 26km/h west.
  8. Part cloudy, mild, dry. Outside temp 9.2c, outside humidity 85%. Pressure 1023hpa steady. Wind 29km/h west.
  9. Cold, part cloudy, dry. Outside temp 4.0c, overnight low if 1.6c. Outside humidity 92%. Pressure 1026hpa steady.
  10. clear, bright and cool. outside temp 5.0c. outside humudity 89%. pressure 1010 hpa rising.
  11. Overcast, mild, dry. Outside temp 11.8c. Outside humidity 93%. Pressure 1024mb rising.
  12. What appears to be interesting is that the polar vortex is in disarray. If it continues this way, we could be in for fun times, cold and snow lovers that is.
  13. Cloudy, damp and mild. Outside temp 14.0c. Outside humidity 88℅. Wind 21km/h south west. Pressure 1009mb steady. Precip 7.87mm. Dew point 12c.
  14. Britain go it pretty bad too, I was surprised how much you people across the pond got hit.
  15. I agree Sundog, my fav weather too, helps the mood too, more invigorating to get out and do stuff aswell.