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    Snow, extreme weather, books, cycling, nature, walking, metaphysics.
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    Snow and cold
  1. Autumn thoughts

    I agree mate, definitely noticed that the leaves are turning much earlier this year.
  2. part cloudy, sunny spells.outside temp 15.1c outside humidity 81%. Pressure 1009hpa rising. Wind south west/fresh.
  3. Part cloudy, sunny spells. Dry, relatively mild. Air pressure 1021hpa steady. Wind calm.
  4. Cloudy, dry and cool. Outside temp 10.0c pressure 1018hpa steady. Wind light northerly. Rain later this afternoon pushing southwards.
  5. Overcast, dry but rain approaching. Outside temp 13c.wind light wnw. Pressure 1002hpa falling.
  6. clear, humid, damp. Plenty of heavy rain today and very muggy.
  7. part cloudy, cool outside temp 12.5c
  8. cool, showery,wet outside temp 12.0c