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  1. Hi again, On the iPhone version: The "play bar" still doesn't seem to operate as I expect. (a) it seems very sensitive to where you press - in the wrong place and play starts from 24 hrs ago (the start of the bar), (b) if you rewind to a specific time and play starts correctly, when the play gets to "now" then the icon jumps back to the beginning and starts play from 24 hrs ago. The rainfall legend is far too small to be readable - perhaps only put every 4th or 5th number and make them larger ? If I select Air pressure from the NMM overlay - have a look - then turn it off -> Air pressure overlay turns off -> select a current weather selection and look at that -> go back to side bar to turn off that setting -> Air pressure is now selected again under NMM Overlay but not displaying on the map. The Satellite selection defaults to "off" regardless of what is displayed on the map. I have a permanent red dot on the app icon on the home screen as if I have a notification but I can't find the notification. Regards the alerts - what defines "in the vicinity" for rain and lightning alerts? I am getting notifications but not sure what it is telling me. Still enjoying the app.
  2. One more for review: I was exploring and found that if I tap on the "forecast temps" bar (below the News section) I get punted to the phone home screen view I had before I used the Netweather app. If double tap the home button to see my open apps I can still see Netweather, so I don't think the app has crashed, but returning to the app seems to reset it (all zooms are gone).
  3. Just updated to the latest version. A few questions / issues: 1) The "play bar" seems to be defaulted to 24 hours. I expected to be able to slide the dot to any point on the play timeline and hit play and just get that section. However hitting play always starts from 24 hours ago ? I think we should be able to choose the play period. 2) Setting any of the options on "NMM Overlay" or "Current Weather" correctly display the overlay but when you slide the menu back in view the menu bar defaults to "OFF" - shouldn't it show the active overlay ? 3) Setting a Satellite view to IR or Vis displays the overlay ok but again the menu defaults back to "Off" when hidden, and then you have to select any overlay and then select off afterwards to turn an overlay off - that isn't very intuitive. 4) Selecting "Europe" on removed all the radar data (lightning remained). Returning to the menu I found Europe was defaulted back to off. I had to turn Europe on and off again to regain radar data. 5) Personal preference I guess but I don't think "Terrain" is the right word for the aerial photo view as the terrain is sort of shown on the basic map ? 6) "Accum Hrs" doesn't seem to be working. 7) I can't seem to set the alert start and end times - they revert to default values (although the interval did randomly change to 6 hours ?) Great app so far though.
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