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  1. Looks like I'm in the firing line - again - between York and the NY Moors ?
  2. That just arrived up here. I watched outside until the rain came. Saw a couple of CC.
  3. I snapped this cloudscape yesterday ahead of heavy clouds arriving across the NY Moors. No electrical activity though.
  4. I'm watching those cells popping up over the Wash. If it could just slow down a bit I'll have my camera ready for storm chasing around NY Moors after work. At this rate it might pass before I've left the office.
  5. Slow-moving heavy rainfall developing overhead (nr Malton, N.Yorks) then moving away SSE. Looks stormy on radar as it's approaching Hull.
  6. I'm keeping an eye on new activity breaking out over Doncaster which will be heading my way soon
  7. Trying to photograph lightning and make tea for two hungry boys at the same time! This storm is electric!
  8. Thrips. More commonly known as thunderflies, thunderbugs, stormflies... Maybe they're a good omen for storm-chasing?
  9. At home in York we were in the firing line this morning, with a storm passing overhead at 7:30-8:00am. I'm now at work near Malton and deep rumbles are approaching once again.
  10. After the storm at Malton. Despite the brief heavy rain, the ground still looks like a desert
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