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  1. Trees down in Hinckley after the storm this morning. Winds were the strongest I’ve ever felt in my 46 years!
  2. Absolutely torrential in Hinckley with frequent lightning. Didn't expect this so early
  3. Just a beautiful light show all around Hinckley at the moment. Some thunder in the distance
  4. Hinckley is hovering around 30 degrees now. Towers started going up. This looks promising to be honest
  5. I’m sure somethings going to bang in the next hour, never ever seen towers build so quickly.
  6. Now raining here! Wish I’d timelapsed how quickly this all happened
  7. Towers going up now. Edit: literally doubled in size in about two minutes!
  8. Lots of cloud starting to build in Hinckley in every direction. From acas to this in about 15 minutes
  9. Agree, tomorrow is looking quite promising for large parts of the UK to see some decent organized storms, and depending on how quickly the fronts move through, we could actually see some rotation (unlikely, but possible)
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