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  1. Hi everyone I was on Tour 3 2017 and recorded daily videos for my YouTube channel which is Travel Related. Take a look for an insight into an amazing 10 days. Day 8 Amarillo - speechless! This is a compilation of all the intros - The full playlist is here - Storm Chasing Playlist:
  2. Hi lads Here's all the intros to my Tour 3 YouTube videos You can access the whole playlist at Storm Chasing Playlist:
  3. Drop me a message on Facebook David Ostrowski can join u for a drink. My phone ain't worked since I left the uk
  4. We might be on the same flight. I fly with spirit airlines get there at 3 something
  5. I also run a travel YouTube channel so hope you don't mind being on camera!
  6. Hi lads! I just discovered this forum...im arriving from LA on 30th and stsying at the best western. I'm from London but been away travelling since November last year. Looking forward to meeting u all. I arrive about 5pm
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