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  1. Cold day for the time of year with a strong northerly wind and light showers.
  2. Extremely heavy rain here with the odd rumble of thunder. Imagine the roads are flooded.
  3. Thank you. Unfortunately it doesn’t have my nearest station.
  4. Where do you get this information from? Would I be able to get this for my location?
  5. Fantastic day with lots of sunshine after the overnight rain and cloud cleared. A high of around 21 or 22C. Weekend also looking very decent although not as warm. It is great to have a spell of westerlies.
  6. Very pleasant day with sunny spells. Currently 24C.
  7. Shows how different things are on the east coast. Often temperatures struggle to reach double figures in April here with snow falling most years. May and the beginning of June regularly see cold easterly winds and the arrival of summer in July can be a relief. September is far preferable to May.
  8. My favourite type of weather is and probably always will be cold and snow however my least favourite is cloudy, wet and windy winter weather. This leaves me rapidly starting to prefer summer as we experience a record breaking snow drought in my location.
  9. Not sure about your location but the average maximum for mid April around here is only about 10C or 11C. While some warmer days are normal, snow has fallen (some significant falls) in most Aprils in my lifetime.
  10. Snow is back on and settling much better than earlier in the day.
  11. Seems to quickly change to snow as soon as you exit Aberdeen.
  12. Snow on here and has started lying in last 20 minutes
  13. Interestingly Monday will be 10 years exactly since what was an epic snow event for some parts.
  14. The incredible snow drought goes on uninterrupted in Aberdeen. Enjoy the snow if you have it.?
  15. Yes, it still seems quite unlikely we will go completely snowless. There has been one shower in my location (while I was away) which left a dusting back in late November but I believe Aberdeen has’t seen a flake yet other than possibly some sleet mixed in with rain.
  16. It really it incredible the way a winter northerly has become so difficult to achieve here since 2010. The amount of snow in my location must be a third of what it was in the previous decade (at a guess). Even the beast only produced the sort of depths that prior to 2010 were an annual occurrence.
  17. Certainly the best week of snow in my lifetime and my favourite weather event. Anything close would be very welcome indeed.
  18. Hoping for similar scenes to the March 2006 event here. The wind is obviously easterly instead of northerly but it is looking good.
  19. 22C here just to the west if Aberdeen. There is a moderate breeze from the south east keeping things much cooler than otherwise would be the case.
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