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  1. Sat in Purton on the western side of Swindon at the moment. Have heard a distant rumble and skies to the east have gone very dark. Had a cracking storm here with torrential rain yesterday and lightning strikes at a rate of 2/3 per minute. Hoping to get similar today.
  2. Confirmed thunder on the storm passing by Swindon at the moment. Was working on a car in Purton and had a couple of loud rumbles as it passed by.
  3. The Bristol Channel seems to be rather convective today! Getting lots of pulse storms/showers bubbling up from it and dumping hail around the Bristol and North Somerset area. Bristol itself is also flooded in parts but that's due to the high tides and not the showers whizzing by.
  4. Terrific thunderstorm over Bristol on my commute in this morning. Lots of hail around and one lightning strike with a very loud and long clap of thunder. My housemate has sent me a picture from home in Stoke Gifford and it's like it snowed there. Hail has covered everything. As I headed out to Bedminster Down, there was sleet, hail and rain in separate bands which was quite interesting. As quick as it came, it's gone now though leaving brilliant blue skies and sunshine. Made for an interesting commute!
  5. The Bristol snow shield once again intervened meaning it mostly rained with a bit of sleet on my drive to work. Boring!
  6. Bit of a wintery mix in BS13 on the last band that came through. Seemed very sleety. Brilliant sunshine right now though in the gap between the next shower.
  7. Hail and thunder in Stoke Gifford. Very loud clap of thunder. Took me by surprise!
  8. Very heavy squally shower of snow, hail and rain. Absolute whiteout when it got here and has left a very slushy mess. All a bit exciting!
  9. Bit of a blustery weekend! Lost three fence panels in my garden yesterday. Sat in work now watching the weather radar and expecting another wild ride over the next couple of hours.
  10. Rather more hefty band of wintry showers coming through and I'm sure there was a rumble of thunder in there too. It's left a slight slush around that is quickly melting.
  11. Bit of a mix out on Bedminster Down in Bristol. Rain, sleet, hail & graupel coming down in short showers. Quite an interesting mix. Skies have gone a bit darker now so expecting something further shortly.
  12. Incredible lightshow in BS34. Thunder is a constant dull roar but just constant lightning. Not much rain passing through but a highly electrical storm. Reminds me of a video posted by American Storm chaser Pecos Hank where he had a constant lightning show on one storm.
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