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  1. Jon B

    Tour 4

    Well hello there! Can’t wait to get out there, the next few weeks are going to be torture...
  2. I think that will be because the laptop wasn't turned on today, as we were just travelling. I imagine that as soon as it gets switched on tomorrow it will update our location.
  3. Slight change of plan - we're now going to travel up to Oklahoma tonight so as soon as you arrive we'll set off. Get an Uber from the airport to the Best Western Irving Inn and Suites when you arrive.
  4. Yep! Arrived at about 23:30.
  5. Yep, at the Best Western Irving. I land at 22:28 and will probably try and get an Uber to the hotel as I've heard that the shuttle can take a while to arrive!
  6. Nope, changing at Atlanta. On the 21:07 from there so have about 4 hours layover.
  7. Hi guys, I'm on the 12:35 flight from Heathrow so I guess I won't see you at the airport but I'll definitely see you at the Best Western tomorrow (where I'm also staying)!
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