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  1. the way the british tennis is right now, they'd likely as you to stay and play.
  2. and watch the price of food rocket (what we actually still grow here that is).
  3. A lot closer on tonight's 18z OP. Gone by friday if its right. Shame its the pub run.
  4. lol now the CFS is centre stage. Only days after they were rubbishing it and calling out Crewecold for buying into it. Well despite that, the latest charts are as follows: http://www.cpc.ncep.noaa.gov/products/people/wwang/cfsv2fcst/htmls/euT2me3Mon.html Not exactly screaming heat. Just goes to show how useless it is. Still not much chance of a beasterly in the winter if its right ?
  5. Thats very true. I always remember going on holiday in cyprus when was younger. They get dry and sunny weather all year round (bar a very brief period where rain is possible in the "winter"). A local said that he'd change his weather for ours any day of the week. Not at all. Same basic problem.
  6. Well the MAD thread has sunk to a new low. Some begging for conditions topping '76. The lunatics really are running the asylum as the saying goes.
  7. tell that to the ECM. has the 15c 850 all the way to them.
  8. underground will be like a depeche mode concert; funny smell and a lot of depressed people.
  9. they can gather all that and stave off the drought.
  10. And where will have mid 20s? Even scotland could touch 30 going from the ECM. GFS shows overnight temps in some locales at 19c at 2 am... If you don't call that uncomfortable then you must have asbestos skin.
  11. And they can do all of that in the low-mid 20s I'd have thought. All the while the rest of us aren't dripping like a pot roast.
  12. Some signs that this muck may be summer's swan song. Not getting my hopes up though. Me (left), them (right)
  13. laptop's on battery ? I have a better solution, move the heat south.
  14. I have one lol. Not much cop when the air is that hot. Better than nothing, but still not enough.
  15. yeah and have a electric bill higher than carol vordeman's IQ.
  16. Nanuk's my 2nd cousin twice removed. I'm from the Nenana side of the family.
  17. getting 30c into scotland is incredibly rare. even rarer than here. I live on the borderline of the usual N/S splits when heatwaves occur. Never dodge it completely like cumbria etc often do
  18. nah, my problem is that I'm genetically pre-disposed to be intolerant of heat.
  19. Moans thread please, Cheese. I would use a violin myself but can't be bothered
  20. thought we considered over 5 days away as outside the reliable?
  21. Thats what the chart shows, not saying its right. The heat you crave is also FI. GFS is useless at that range.
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