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  1. Too early yet but latest GFS run showing signs of a heatwave sometime in the first week of September, could be the next chance for possible storms. Though of course it's still a good two weeks or so
  2. Nearly 300 strikes a minute now, reckon if I was in Lincoln earlier I could probs have seen some distant lightning
  3. About 180 strikes a minute with this storm now imagine if that was further West I'm guessing this was the potential Supercell just that it happened all the way to the East?
  4. wish I was looking out the window for this maybe this area is one to keep an eye on
  5. That storm seems to be pepping up in the South, also weather forecast now suggesting thunderstorm at 4am for Silverdale hmmmm
  6. Lightning trying to pick up again here, I imagine most of it will be elevated so no doubt there's probably more than the radar is picking up?
  7. Lightning beginning to pick up a bit here, wonder how much there will be later tonight
  8. Finally able to share the 2nd Part of the Thunderstorm that took place 10 days ago, can't believe it's been 10 days already, will share the 3rd part soon Not been able to share them sooner as Internets only just been properly fixed since the storm happened with it being on and off the past few days
  9. Still in Silverdale till Saturday, wonder if there will be any elevated potential tonight
  10. Are some of these showers heading West? Or are they all heading North East?
  11. If this continues heading West maybe the East might get a distant light show?
  12. This lot could probs help for more thundery showers later on for some people maybe?
  13. Weather sites suggesting thundery showers all the way till early hours, so reckon there will probs be heavier bursts now and again which will bring out more thunder and lightning, kinda jealous that I'm not there lol
  14. I reckon there could be some rumbles of thunder in those if they pick up, doubt there would be much in terms of lightning
  15. Looked a bit quiet on the radar earlier but thundery activity seems to really pick up as it heads towards Lincolnshire and Midland areas, are these heading North West? Not sure if Lancashire will see these though, we've had cloud all day Interesting how it seems to be following a line as it heads North, assuming there's a convergence line here? (If that's the right word for it)
  16. Just needs a little nudge up North for you lot , of course Lincoln gets a decent looking storm when I'm not there but after Mondays big storm I can't really complain lol
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