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  1. Anyone chasing today? I'm thinking of heading up towards the wash and lincolnshire.
  2. Was anyone chasing that supercell up north earlier? Really interested to see what structure that thing had - wouldn't be surprised if there was a funnel or brief tornado.
  3. Looks like a supercell. Strike rates 100/min and deviating right of the mean wind.
  4. This all looks elevated still - everything is racing away north and not rooting to the boundary layer at all.
  5. Latest sounding from Larkhill shows the cap in place but with massive CAPE just waiting to be tapped into. Expecting destabilisation later this evening as the trough approaches from the west, but time will tell.
  6. looks like you're in a good spot. simulated IR from AROME has storms initiated just before midnight along the south cost heading north along the A34 and around convergence in the bristol channel.
  7. funny that's where i expect storms to be popping off around that time today
  8. What is this line anyway? some kind of upper front or shortwave? There doesn't seem to be much convergence at the surface.
  9. Looks like this line of elevated convection is getting lively - very interesting.
  10. Not very often you see plume thunderstorms this far north, wow
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