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  1. Off camping to the wilds of the Atlantic coast in Donegal. 2 families. This site is so remote Christianity isn't expected to arrive until next Tuesday.
  2. Beautiful crisp frosty morning here. No snow but beautiful morning anyway. Birds eating like mad from the feeders.
  3. I am publicly apologising to Neiller. My outburst earlier today was not called for, needed nor acceptable. This is an unreserved apology without agenda. Neiller may well have blocked my posts by now and I would ask if someone could quote this so that he may view it too. I have messaged him privately but a public apology is still needed. Sorry.
  4. When what I actually said was...…. Bit of a difference. Think about it.
  5. Completely agree with this sensible statement. This is not how you phrased it though. And……... These comments are just inflammatory. Say something like the first quote. Its less defamatory to the hard working professionals who do their job to the best of their abilities. This was two days ago!! Of note is the way you phrase things so no matter what happens you can either enjoy the high along with everyone or state how right you were in predicting the downgrade. You're quids in. This is not the only example. A measured response to your lambasting of the SSW (where you provide no data to back it). Try it. It earns respect and helps the conversation to develop. And just over the halfway mark? There are loads of worse winters in the past. Including ones were there has been no snow at all. Honestly Neiller, go and read this thread from page one. While some of your comments are quite positive you are a bit of a mood hoover. I have been part of this forum since the regional communities were established. Even Frosty didn't rip my knittin any where near as much as you do. Im not the only one who appears frustrated by you. Your negativity and unsubstantiated drivel has ruined this group for me. I find little pleasure in here anymore because its just the Neiller show interspersed with the respectable comments from knowledgeable members I and im certain, we all want to hear from. I appreciate this cant be pleasant to read and Im more than annoyed at myself for letting this get to me so much. I apologise in advance for any offence that no doubt will be taken. I hope you can read this in the manner it is intended and take some points on board. Tomorrow is my 14th Anniversary of being in this community but due to how things have been lately I no longer feel able to be part of this community and so I will leave the forum and delete my profile. I will of course leave the profile up until midnight as I have no doubt you will want to come back at me. You are of course entitled to your views and you do like to air them. Please think about how you handle yourself in this room and come across to others. I always took pride in here that we remained level headed regardless of what the output provided and often joked about the dummies being spat out of the pram. Your input is moving us down the same road. Too much for me. Better things to do with my time than wade through such drivel to find the nuggets of good knowledge. Cheers folks but its Adios from me.
  6. On re-reading your message Neiller I get what you're trying to say. At first glance it looks like you are saying 'they (people) are a waste of time'. I assume for clarity sake you mean the snow depth charts? A few days ago people in here were calling winter over and using over very descriptive terms to describe this season. Its certainly not been cold so far this winter but we have seen this many times before and will likely see it more prevalent as we see climate change unfold. Our normal winters are not snowmagedons by any use of the imagination. A little prespective and focus will help to keep the bipolar views more realistic and help the lows to be less of a bump. We can all ride the highs when they come. Also not liking when MetOffice staff who are professionals at what they do and have access to better models and data than we do get slagged off here for their failure to predict things or constantly changing outlooks, particularly when those who make these statements are amateurs. Knowledgeable amateurs for sure but amateurs nonetheless. P.S. Mountain Shadow: Keep your posts coming my friend. I learn more from the likes of yourself and others here. I'm no expert in weather just an interest. The pitch and level of the posts in this room in general are very educational.
  7. Well said Sparky! Lets not have the snowflake mentality on the inside of the room as well as outside. I'll be honest guys this room has become minus craic for me for a while. Its weather! There are trends we can follow and signs in nature we can read. We can hedge our bets and call ourselves winners either way but it will be what it will be. I for one am enjoying the transition to something different. Shake things up a bit.
  8. Out of Hibernation. That's a dreary oul November day if ever there was. Fire to be lit.
  9. Sill she be another Ophelia? Tuesday is when its supposed to hit?
  10. Anyone about in Dublin for a pint? I'm at the plaza hotel in Tallaght, Dublin tonight. Most likely in grumpy bar. He really great to meet a fellow netweather fan.
  11. Funny old world this. I took last Monday off to build and redesign the back garden. I fully hoped to be buried deep to the hinge end in snow by the weekend. As it turns out I have a few wee polystyrene balls out the back and a fermentation barrel with six inches of ice in it. Im totally stoked for the guys in the firing line and I would happily have had a winter with no lying snow if it would break the forever persistent Dublin snow shield. as it turns out its had its back door well and truly smashed in. Im actually enjoying the cold spell anyway. Tomorrow I'm going to spend the entire day outside working in the garden. With that in mind if anyone wants to try and remember the colour (dare is say this evil word) GREEN; give me a shout and I will bombard you with photos of my back yard with greater intensity than a North Korean cyber attack on the NHS. I have to say I've totally enjoyed this entire rollercoaster. The air outside has been colder than I can ever remember. Including 2010 cold snap which had day time temps less than minus 8 and more. The air was a clear as a bell. im not without envy and equal worry for those under the hammer. (Got a friend in Germany who calls this weather the Russian hammer). anyway I've lots of mead In The snow starved ballyclare so if you get bored or just fancy a few, come and give me a hand to build my new garden.
  12. I realise that may have come across as dig but I'm glad you took it in the way it was intended.
  13. In a warm house with its own power supply, an open fire, good company and a nice bottle of something distilled. that would be ok.
  14. What we got sounds a bit like duck mall. thats a cutting gale out there mind. Brass monkeys and all that jazz! Stunningly beautiful weather all the same. Enjoy what you get folks. May be a while before this happens again. I'd love to be in Dublin about now.
  15. Yup. Left ballyclare for coleraine and started getting snowy about Ballymoney. Nothing much but anything is more than ballyclare this morning. Mot complaining mind! As much as I love snow I'm totally enjoying the bitter cold air mass we are under. It's beautiful weather.
  16. Snow to the north of me Snow to the south Here I am stuck in the middle with nought!
  17. Pulling out an old quote here. "Don't wait for it to happen. Don't even want it to happen. Just sit back and watch what does happen." Name that film?
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