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    My Wife and three Daughters!!!! Weather. Healthcare. A good game of Pool. The odd (or indeed frequent) pint of Guiness. Caribbean Rum! and of course Snow.

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  1. There seems to be some little patch of intensity at the very front of that wave. Sort WSW of Lough Neagh??
  2. I'm watching this wave with anticipation. We have mizzle here.
  3. Don't steal it all now. Open your door, look east and start blowing hard.
  4. If I had been awake about 5am I would have seen something spectacular. It was still good enough to excite the kids and I this morning.
  5. Looks like Belfast is gonna get it. Not the best time to run out of oil mind you.
  6. Calm before the storm. Was down the hill at my friends chewing the cud. Starry sky on the wobble home. Batten down the hatches for the rain tomorrow. Amber warnings and such!
  7. Just north of Belfast it seems. Not very good at this game.
  8. Belfast's gonna get it according to the radar! Perhaps taking in Carryduff too.
  9. Looking at the weather forecast there is still plenty of time. Showers are to continue on and off through the night and die out tomorrow afternoon. I thought the talk was more towards tonight for snow. Keeping the hopes up!
  10. Last shower here has got the roads turning white for the first time.
  11. Hills white. Nice view. How does the precipitation look for the rest of the day and the night? P.S. Radar shows a fair bit of snowing around Dublin! Shield broken?
  12. Great pics there buddy! Looking forward to things cooling and the lamp post watching come what may!!
  13. Is this our guest from the west approaching on radar? C'mon ya wee beastie!
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