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  1. Bah! The lovely little dusting that we had has now been washed away! Horrible, cold nasty rain! Now and again in heavier bursts I can see the odd flake... That's it I guess! What an absolutely manky winter...unless it redeems itself in the next ten days...
  2. Just been under a huge hail shower!! It's turned everything white!!! In fact, it's probably the most wintry scene I've had all winter...
  3. Whoever you are, wherever you are, may you be safe and enjoy the excitement of the storm!!
  4. mini squall line coming through East Lancs now!!
  5. The gusts of wind seemed much worse last night! Although it has become really gusty again here in the past ten minutes. Some wind damage to some old buildings but the main problem around here (East Lancs) has been flooding related. Doubt we'll see much laying snow, but it only takes a hefty shower to create gridlock! The morning commute (all 12 mins of it!) is looking interesting!
  6. Storm Doris was worrying...I nearly got taken out by a 2mx1m piece of wall cladding that got ripped off the school building as I walked across the playground at lunchtime! And last year's Storm Erik kept me awake all night! I live right next to a railway line and the roar from the wind just sounded like the longest train in the world travelling by! I am excited by the thought of some stormy weather but I really don't want anyone to be injured or have their homes/businesses wrecked...or worse!
  7. Waah!! I'm on my way back from Manchester and there is lightning in my hometown!!! Stuck in traffic too! I'm missing it all!!!
  8. Have watched the rain slowly turn sleety, then the sleet become graupel, then a few actual flakes mixed in! Now, delicious white flakes are tumbling from the sky!! Sadly the ground is rather wet so sticking is an issue... But it's a start! Beginning to stick to car windscreens... Come on, you can do it!!!
  9. Oh my! I'm so scared listening to the wind right now... It's even drowning out the husband's snoring! I've not heard wind like this for a long, long time. I want to get to sleep and I can't. Everytime I start to drift off there is a gigantic gust that makes me jump. I can foresee lots of damage becoming apparent by dawn. (And as I type, another chunk of something has just hit my velux window... Right above my head...)
  10. What surprise this morning! Expected perhaps a light shower that had made it over the Pennines. Woken up by a crack of thunder at half past five-ish. Then woken up by my phone pinging with my chat group asking if we'll have a snow day. Another good inch of snow had fallen and covered everything again. Sadly no snow day but a late start instead... For the second time in a week!
  11. Sleet... Now dry. I'm pretending that I haven't looked at any forecasts... That way if I see snow I'll be surprised and if I don't see snow then I won't be disappointed! The weather can be a fickle friend!!
  12. Disappointed so far... Had a shower of snow on Friday and had 1 shower (of snow) so far today... Not looking like anything is heading my way on radar either. Pah! It didn't stop the M65 being chocka this morning though. Enjoy what you get everyone.
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