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  1. Waah!! I'm on my way back from Manchester and there is lightning in my hometown!!! Stuck in traffic too! I'm missing it all!!!
  2. Have watched the rain slowly turn sleety, then the sleet become graupel, then a few actual flakes mixed in! Now, delicious white flakes are tumbling from the sky!! Sadly the ground is rather wet so sticking is an issue... But it's a start! Beginning to stick to car windscreens... Come on, you can do it!!!
  3. Oh my! I'm so scared listening to the wind right now... It's even drowning out the husband's snoring! I've not heard wind like this for a long, long time. I want to get to sleep and I can't. Everytime I start to drift off there is a gigantic gust that makes me jump. I can foresee lots of damage becoming apparent by dawn. (And as I type, another chunk of something has just hit my velux window... Right above my head...)
  4. What surprise this morning! Expected perhaps a light shower that had made it over the Pennines. Woken up by a crack of thunder at half past five-ish. Then woken up by my phone pinging with my chat group asking if we'll have a snow day. Another good inch of snow had fallen and covered everything again. Sadly no snow day but a late start instead... For the second time in a week!
  5. Sleet... Now dry. I'm pretending that I haven't looked at any forecasts... That way if I see snow I'll be surprised and if I don't see snow then I won't be disappointed! The weather can be a fickle friend!!
  6. Disappointed so far... Had a shower of snow on Friday and had 1 shower (of snow) so far today... Not looking like anything is heading my way on radar either. Pah! It didn't stop the M65 being chocka this morning though. Enjoy what you get everyone.
  7. Very distant thunder heard, and some heavier pulses of rain, but nothing exciting...yet!! Fingers crossed for East Lancs!
  8. Early June 1980...I can't remember the specific date as I was only 5 at the time! But I sure remember the storm! I was in reception class at school back then. I remember playing out at lunchtime, and the heat being so oppressive that I remember having to sit down on the floor in the playground and roll my sleeves up. It was so warm, despite being really grey and gloomy. Later, as we were getting on with our afternoon learning (probably plasticine or painting!!) the sky became incredibly dark. In fact it was like night time. And then a deep rumble. My teacher (A lovely, tall, grey haired lady named Miss Dean) declared "Ooh! Did you hear the thunder?" I quite simply burst into tears! I was so scared! I have no idea why! Luckily, Miss Dean let me stand at her desk and work beside her. The lights were constantly going off, then coming back on. The rain was crazy! And then it was playtime...No! My teacher had to do her playground duty (which on this day consisted of walking around the classrooms checking on the children). She took me with her as I was petrified of being left without her. I even went to the toilet and sat there with the door open so that I could see my teacher, such was the abject fear and terror! My mother came to collect me and my friend from school, bringing wellies and umbrellas. We waited until the rain eased off a little. My baby sister was at home being watched by an elderly neighbour as my mother didn't want to be pushing her around in that sort of weather. We finally got home, only a ten minute walk. I'll never forget being greeted by the sight of my elderly neighbour, sitting in the armchair, wearing her wellies and holding an umbrella above her head - indoors! Somehow the copious amounts of rain had got into the cavity wall and had cascaded into our back room. Our carpet and TV were ruined! We spent the next few months living in the other room whilst we waited for the carpet to be taken away, cleaned and returned. This was the most terrifying experience of my childhood, and left me totally frightened of thunder for a long, long time! During this storm, a boy at the local high school, and some of his friends, were hit by lightning. Sadly he didn't survive. Other storms will never compare to that childhood memory of fear...although a storm in June 2006 whilst on holiday in Exmouth came close, even as an adult! My eldest slept through it, my baby girl of 3 months old slept through it. My hubby awoke and then went back to sleep. I lay there in fear listening to the almost constant thunder, and watching the flickering lightning...wondering if it would spawn a tornado that would race through the caravan park! The next morning, the cafe on the campsite had been completely wrecked by the surface water floods that had occurred during the storm. July 1st 2015 also sticks in the mind - beautiful lightning - and then the rain! At the time we were having our loft extension built and were actually roofless!! How the plastic sheeting stayed watertight that night I'll never know! There seemed to be many storms in the early 80s...or perhaps I remember them because I was so scared?
  9. Yay!!! I've heard thunder for the first time this year!!! About 10 rumbles in all. Happy me! All about 90 mins ago in East Lancs.
  10. And it's all stopped!!! Radar showed a heavy shower above me. However, it was very heavy drops but spaced far apart, if that makes sense!! All the dampness now evaporating!
  11. A shower has begun - very big drops of rain literally splatting down onto the decking outside! My polycarb bay-window roof sounds like someone is dropping marbles on it!! Very grey outside but still warm and humid...is this all about to explode???
  12. Update to weather warning shows a slightly greater likelihood now in the warning matrix...I must admit that it definitely feels much more humid today, and more sun/heat already than yesterday too (East Lancashire). I hope it goes bang later! Haven't seen/heard anything decent round these parts since 26/7/17! Good luck everyone, stay safe!
  13. Raining here too! East Lancashire. Probably the first 'proper' rain in about two weeks. Warm outside, but has been overcast most of the morning. It would be nice to hear a rumble or two in the coming days! And not from my stomach might I add!!!
  14. I can't believe there is still such a chill in the air for this time of year!! Fed up of feeling cold, especially as it's May!! I can stand the cold in winter... But this is ridiculous. Come on sun, get that blowtorch fired up. It's about time we had a proper long spell of warmer, brighter weather!!
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