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  1. I just found a decent viewpoint overlooking the city. Frequent cloud to cloud lightning with some Good cgs
  2. https://www.bbc.co.uk/news/uk-scotland-tayside-central-44426025 Not surprised with the radar returns near that one!
  3. The Glasgow storm is definetly building out, frequent thunder getting louder and skies darker even though its moving away from me.
  4. I can hear some distant rumbles from that storm over Glasgow, it looks pretty strong!! Everything north or east of here at the moment.
  5. Only a matter of time I suspect, plenty of cumulus and towering cumulus now. Much better visibility than with last weekends murky storms (which missed here anyway)
  6. Nothing on radar yet but there are a few cb's forming to the north west of Glasgow. Tomorrow looks like a decent opportunity with a meto weather warning out.
  7. I live between the 2 of you, looks like it's splitting with the bit over paisley way reintensifying. I went out for a look from a hill but couldn't see any lightning, just a downpour.
  8. Will that lone storm make it to Glasgow, its made it further than i thought so far...
  9. Will that lone storm make it to Glasgow, its made it further than i thought so far...
  10. Early start today, first cell's appearing north of lauder and over the Highlands.
  11. Thunder here now.(well a cell brushing past to the east I think)
  12. Very humid, radar shows a cell with rain rates of about 120-150mm/hr approaching slowly... It'll probably pulse down by the time it gets here tho
  13. Yep, I was just about to post that, it's appeared quickly on radar! Another one forming just east of Moffat. Looks like a fun day ahead!
  14. GFS showing 1200 (j/kg) CAPE, Li of - 4 and temps up to 25c tomorrow. Very heavy precipitation breaking out across the south and the central belt from a bit of a convergence zone and across northern Scotland. Looking good with the potential for some large hail!!
  15. Warnings out for most of the country now.. Wonder why they aren't using the new lightning warnings that they added earlier in the year... Scattered heavy showers and thunderstorms are likely to develop during Friday, particularly the afternoon and then easing only slowly through the evening. Some places will miss the worst of the heavy showers and thunderstorms, but where they do occur they are likely to bring torrential rain with the potential for 20-30 mm of rain to fall in an hour and perhaps as much as 50-60 mm in 3 hours in a few locations. Lightning and large hail are also possible.