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  1. Nice one! Just been sent a video of snow in south Glasgow and looks like the best there since November's event! (Typically I've missed both) m77 looks hairy in places but won't last long before it melts.
  2. Looks like a lot of heavy rain (and hopefully snow for glencoe/nevis) on the radar for West of Scotland at the moment. Is it weird that I miss the rain banging off the roof and velux window? It's rarely the same level of persistent heavy rain here nr the east coast of englandshire...
  3. Might as well, can't be any worse than the last time you did them
  4. The roads were interesting at 5am this morning with the hail from last night's storm frozen onto the roads! Haven't looked at the charts as I'm on mobile but chance of snow tomorrow morning for the south West scotland. On the local BBC forecast down here they showed a large area of snow on Friday for the area that was meant to get a dumping in the last storm but didn't...(it will be forever named the CMD nostorm to me)
  5. Thunder here. Not sure if it's from the heavy shower moving away east or another one inbound!
  6. Heavy sleet and hail shower currently, wouldnt be surprised if we end up with more snow than Thursdays "snowstorm" but that wouldn't be difficult...
  7. At least get the new tyre sorted so you can drive to fife for the snow.... No need to waste the time on cleaning windows and buying bread this time
  8. Where the garden snow measuring stick photo and timelapse? I stayed up all night waiting on a photo of it! Sorry, not got much here either. A heavier batch in the last hour as left a slushy covering
  9. I was about to post similar view at Haggs. Looks like the M80 is a car park this morning...
  10. I can't upload photos for some reason but very snowy on the glen ogle traffic Scotland cam, looks like a jacknifed lorry and stuck cars on the image! M80 looks to have stolen the snow as well.
  11. Just switched to light snow here, shame most of the precipitation has passed through already!
  12. I'm awaiting a photo next of the floods around catchs pre-measured snow... if anybody's to blame for jinxing this event i know who...
  13. The front seems further north than expected, ah well ! M74 looks like it barely has any snow too.
  14. Same we've got Icey rain, looks like very intense precipitation about to move in which will hopefully lower the snow line...
  15. Getting colder here and look at that radar... loads inbound!