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  1. Couple of rumbles of thunder here in Durham. Not going out for a drive as it looks like it'll probably fall apart quickly!
  2. Yes good shout, we've already had a torrential shower with hail this morning. (I got soaked! )
  3. New storm over Kilmarnock now that friends have reported.
  4. Covering of snow here with it still coming down. Snow is sliding off the cars so a slushy affair.
  5. Interesting radar return over Eyemouth. Phone won't let me upload a screenshot!
  6. M77 looks very snowy, looks good for Ayrshire (away from the coast) to end up with a covering of snow at least tonight given the radar.
  7. Woke up at about 7am to the sound of of heavy rain... Just looked out the window and we now have a slushy covering of snow. Must've been heavy! Melting fast though.
  8. Now now, cooking and driving is dangerous Plenty of snow on cars driving around Kilmarnock after the last sleet/snow shower.
  9. Not sure but it doesnt look far north enough given traffic cams at Abingdon. I'm off down the M74 early tomorrow so I'm keeping an eye on it, although I expect it'll just be white at the side of the road by then...
  10. Yellow snaw warning out now for the boarders.
  11. Snaw turned back to rain and tomorrow's snow warning has been cancelled and moved north of the central belt. That's the cold spell finished here!
  12. It started off as rain here but its now snowing
  13. Snaw here too, not particularly heavy but we have a dusting already
  14. You can get that from freezing fog, it's pretty cool (literally)
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