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  1. Ah might have been that one, thought you had a camera set up watching your snow stick
  2. Don't rub it in or ill need to bring up that timelapse you had set up for a red weather warning for snow which drizzled Agree though, the difference is massive across small areas, particularly in the west with the higher SST's. I won't forget 6th December 2010 for a long time. It took me something like 14-16hours to drive from the west of Edinburgh home to Hamilton! I left early and made it into the office before the snow. I Saw it was going to be worse than expected but didn't have a great boss at the time so had to go into the office. Left at lunchtime, then I ran out of battery on my phone and ended up taking some dodgey back roads to pass some of the traffic with temps around - 18c showing on the thermostat.
  3. Good storm by UK standards, frequent thunder and lightning and pretty photogenic!
  4. Literally constant thunder rolling off that cell... I've got a good view of it but haven't seen any lightning and the worst is probably just going to slide past here.
  5. I'm in killie at the moment, can hear the thunder from the storm over towards Ayr heading this wayish.
  6. I'm surprised that we've not seen an Amber warning for rain yet, particularly today given the persistent heavy rain on top of all the recent flooding.
  7. Yes just had the same here good pics, hoping for a storm later but not looking like there is going to be much lightning around again.
  8. >125mm/hr rain rates according to netweather radar - my garage isn't far off being flooded and looks like a night of persistent heavy rain to come at least. It should drain away though so I think the garage will be OK unless we get some storms later. Wife thinks I'm mad because I just walked outside in it..
  9. Yep, absolutely crazy here too. No thunder but the rain is awesome.
  10. Ayrshire daily news on Facebook has a video of that storm causing flash flooding in Cumnock. Kilmarnock about to get hit by some extreme rain/hail from that cell. Torrential rain approaching South Glasgow but I've only heard one rumble of thunder so far.
  11. Just heard a rumble of thunder here too
  12. Confirmed report of thunder in Kilmarnock so its getting closer. Im just across the M77 from @Stormeh so hoping it makes it here!
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