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  1. Couple of UKV charts, some isolated storms in the west becoming more organised, banding together and spreading North along the amber warning area. Then we have an amber warning for the Inverness area on Wed/Thurs as it all stalls.
  2. Amber storm forecast just issued for more eastern, central and northern areas... Not sure why the good storms keep avoiding the west other than I now live here Edinburgh and Fife in line for another possible flash flooding event!
  3. Yes a tad cooler today, although still very warm when the sun sort of appeared for about an hour at lunchtime. Very warm for the next few days then we may sneak a 30c in the west on Thursday depending on cloud cover/isolated storms. UKV has 28c for the Glasgow area at 3pm so would not be surprised to see that breached if everything happens as modelled. UKV has one cell over Glasgow if you zoom in on the chart!
  4. Heaviest shower of the day during the last 45minutes or so with gutters overflowing. Some lightning detected on the radar but I didn't see it and couldn't hear thunder because of the rain! UKV has the showers beginning to fade off for a few hours before the batch over N.England moves in during the early hours! I don't have the numbers here (weather station is broken) but it feels like there is a good chance that we've had more rain today than for all of June!
  5. Few more downpours here and I can hear distant thunder from the cell over North Glasgow. Looks like that will be causing some flash flooding in places!
  6. There's a torrential shower moving through here now but no thunder unfortunately. It's still building so somebody further north may get something from it! Dropped a decent amount of rain so the garden is looking happier, the grass was going brown because of lack of rainfall which doesn't often happen here!
  7. Another warm day, unfortunately we've missed all of the downpours to our north and east, hopefully we catch some over the next few days. This is a photo of the cell developing over Glasgow a short while ago.
  8. A very warm day, I was about to say this summer has been a bit boring but see attached pics just taken! Altho hay-fever was more dangerous when taking the photos!
  9. We've missed most of the showers today but we have a pretty heavy snow shower blowing through now turning things white again. 20210411_192445.mp4
  10. I've never seen so much hail/graupel in our gutters!
  11. Haha similar here although really just getting going. Gutters are overflowing with hail!
  12. Light snow falling here for 2mins from the smallest of snow showers...
  13. A few flakes of snow falling here too, the heaviest of the shower looks like it's giving places like East Kilbride a dusting!
  14. Yep, back to wintry showers here too with hail, sleet and snow. Roll on some summer heat and storms!
  15. Yep heard a few distant rumbles here too a little while ago. Heavy rain and sleet showers for most of the day but we seem to be getting more of them now, the last shower was pretty much wet snow on the back edge.
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