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  1. Thunderstorm currently moving into Durham
  2. Another cell here now. Much better than expected tonight with plenty more around on the radar!
  3. Another cell came in much better. Best I could do with the gif.
  4. Thunder and lightning approaching from the south now!
  5. Nice one, I saw something similar here but didn't have as good a vantage point. Some Pretty torrential rain at times here.
  6. Fife currently getting some very heavy rain just hours after this was reported: https://www.bbc.co.uk/news/uk-scotland-glasgow-west-44930385 (looks like the worst of it missed the reservoirs unfortunately)
  7. Not Scotland but I'm currently in Durham and we have a storm with lot of torrential rain. Can't remember the last time I saw proper rain!
  8. Convective weather issued a forecast for an outside chance of storms for a small area of Scotland. Glasgow wasn't included in that but certainly a chance going by the meto forecast plus the BBC weather map earlier which showed a few!
  9. Glasgow Airport is already at 27c I'm heading to London today and will need to brave the tube unfortunately! Hopefully still hot in Glasgow tomorrow when I'm back, although unlikely to be as hot as today!
  10. I just found a decent viewpoint overlooking the city. Frequent cloud to cloud lightning with some Good cgs
  11. https://www.bbc.co.uk/news/uk-scotland-tayside-central-44426025 Not surprised with the radar returns near that one!
  12. The Glasgow storm is definetly building out, frequent thunder getting louder and skies darker even though its moving away from me.
  13. I can hear some distant rumbles from that storm over Glasgow, it looks pretty strong!! Everything north or east of here at the moment.
  14. Only a matter of time I suspect, plenty of cumulus and towering cumulus now. Much better visibility than with last weekends murky storms (which missed here anyway)
  15. Nothing on radar yet but there are a few cb's forming to the north west of Glasgow. Tomorrow looks like a decent opportunity with a meto weather warning out.