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  1. Another snowy Tuesday... 100% nailed as I'm usually in England on Tuesdays!!!
  2. Here too. Nice dry stuff which is getting blown everywhere
  3. Just driven up the M74 and heavy wet snow is falling down to about 900ft
  4. It looks like it's hammering it down on the M77 with the higher points at a standstill, meanwhile it seems to be rain or sleet on the higher M74...
  5. I think the term is harassing
  6. I remember the days! Just realised it was my 15 year anniversary of being a member last week, the days where @CatchMyDrift and I used to spam the place rotten
  7. Snowing here from the band moving north and its getting heavier!
  8. The itv program is incredibly annoying so far, back to Netflix! Or maybe I'm grumpy
  9. Mostly dieing away before they reach us
  10. Lovely isn't it especially with the high winds, jammy gits further north and east who've had this more prolonged
  11. Nice to see you back, yeah it snowed all the way from the border, I've got some good dashcam footage so will upload at some stage.
  12. Ah, it's the ghost from Christmas past! The weather must be bad if you're back posting I was very well prepared, 4wd and winter tyres and timed it well with the radar.
  13. I survived! drove 180 miles home through the amber and then red zones. The roads were empty as not many people were as stupid as me thankfully so it let me make good progress Loads of snow here, no idea how much as its drifted all over the place, certainly more than I'd expect from an easterly and the biggest dump of the winter!
  14. Where's it for? I can't see it on the app. Or website but know its been issued
  15. It's only 2 hours into the Amber warning which lasts until tomorrow night!!