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  1. Heavy sleet here and has been for much of the evening. 1c colder and we have could've been buried, ah well!
  2. I saw that lightning coming in from the east towards Newton Mearns from East Kilbride . Snow covered streets at the top end of Mearns. Just came up the M74 which was fun... All 3 lanes covered and very heavy snow just south of abingdon. Winter tyres performed really well yet again.
  3. The BBC weather mentioned last night that they were keeping an eye on Wednesday night rush hour for snow disruption. It'll probably end up over Cornwall though!
  4. Haha. I've seen more snow in Durham this year than I have in Glasgow during the last 2. North westerlys have been disappointing for the last decade unfortunately, hoping this year is different!
  5. Just south of the border in Durham at the moment and we have a fresh covering of snow!
  6. I've got the same and keep them on all year, 20k miles down and still going strong! (although a lot of motorway miles) Used them in the deep snow in ungritted County Durham the other week with no issues either
  7. Na I just moved away from there, so now it snows
  8. Not that I'm there but settling snow in Kilmarnock and the radar is looking healthy. The Kilmarnock primary school model has a good chance at verifying! (although if it was a killie model im sure they would have drawn something else over Ayr and not an 8)
  9. Also a new weather warning from 4pm for snow for much of the west and north.
  10. Looks like snow falling on the slochd cams now!
  11. Grass and cars are white here now after a heavy burst of snow
  12. We did get some snow earlier which was nice to see. Current organised band moving though is however sleet, pesky warm sectors and its not even winter
  13. That band typically split in 2 here so we've missed anything more than a flurry! Ah well, next band behind it might give a heavier shower.
  14. Looks like snow possibly falling on the M74 at Beattock for the first time this season