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  1. Does this pivoting improve the snow chances for Mid Essex? The forecast on the MetO app is getting worse for this area with every passing hour.
  2. Is the storm coming up from the SW going to affect our area with regards to precipitation?
  3. I have not looked on the MOD thread and I feel better for it. However, it means I have no idea as to whether there is an end in sight for this cold, snowy period now. The forecast on my phone's app suggest that by Saturday/Sunday - the temps will rise?? Thanks.
  4. They can throw down Artic snow proportions into Chelmsford, just just settling! Very frustrating really and surprising. Just had a persistent, heavy fall, the ground is now damp as it has all "sublimated" ...
  5. Que?? Do you mean it is now too cold to settle? If that is the case, let just have spring - it is miserable.
  6. Need to be educated here! Why is snow failing to settle in Chelmsford? Just had a heavy-ish shower with large flakes but as soon as they his the ground, they melt! The temp is around freezing and dew point must be favourable??
  7. Yes! Kids are seriously miffed by the weather forecast "Where's the snow? Thought we were going to have a snow day off school " What has been delivered as promised is a poor rail train table despite the lack of snow....
  8. Had a "reboot" here in Chelmsford earlier whereby the ground dried off after this mornings snow showers. There has been a shower of polystyrene and .......it is all wet again
  9. Chelmsford - heavy snow showers BUT nothing is sticking and it is getting awfully wet on the ground
  10. Seeing some of the snow depth predictions for Tuesday onwards in seriously underwhelming, especially when watching the MetO's forecasts quote "persistent and organised bands of snow". Circa 5cms... Got more than that from the transient stuff bck in Dec! This is "The Beast" would be hoping for around 20cms.
  11. https://www.essexlive.news/news/greater-anglia-warn-services-could-1261613 Greater Anglia trains contingency plans for tomorrow.
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