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  1. Think you have made your point - Matty88 vs UK Met Office Only time will tell who has the better insight.
  2. Yes - I remember that too. Didn't last that long if memory serves me right but a lot did come down. I have photos of that event on my phone, but nothing from Mar '13.
  3. I have no recollection of the frequently cold and snow of March 2013 ... I have no recollection! Did we get any snow in Essex? I remember Dec 2010 and no particularly cold, snowy period since!
  4. The BBC were properly slapped for suggesting this yesterday.
  5. Running a small shop - sounds like I may have some impromptu days off work from this. It will be the first time in 6 years that I have been in business ... Lets see
  6. It is not those drivers (like yourself) who are prepared who are the issue, it is the rest who are unprepared that cause the jams and traffic chaos.
  7. As per usual, it won't be you but everyone else who causes traffic chaos...
  8. Water butt's need emptying?
  9. Phew! I thought I had jinxed it all by placing an order for a bag of gritting salt ...
  10. There must be confidence there for the emergency services to prepare their contingency plans. Many of us are getting very excited with the prospect of some freezing weather. Must be absolute hell for hospitals, ambulance and Paramedic crews! Trying to get to someone who is in trouble on snow laden roads.
  11. Taking into account what the models are saying (quite consistently) so far, who is going to say what we are likely to see snow wise from this cold spell in the SE? 1987 equivalent 2010 equivalent Less than the above - cold but drier i.e. - moderate snow. There is a lot of ramping and excitement (understandably so), difficult to get a real sober perspective. Thanks,
  12. Cannot imagine! I hope local authorities and charities do their utmost to move those affected to a shelter. Not two ways - there will be deaths from exposure if the charts come off as they are.
  13. Lets face it, it there is no snow or that transient rubbish from this evolution, there could well be a riot on the streets. I feel there are quite a few expectant folk on here ...
  14. I am reading the MO thread and what has been posted here but I am also still feeling .... Really?? I am underwhelmed, probably due to the lessons and disappointments of recent winters. The Met Office is keeping things real and I think it is best to adopt that - just in case