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  1. Looking for Beta-Tester

    Hi Mapantz Thank you for installation and for your feedback. At the moment I am away so I reply only with a view words from my iphone. About weather icons: We display the icon from the transmitted (is that english?) conditions of wunderground. For example: If wunderground deliver 'clear' we show a sun symbol undepended of day and night. The displayed moon we took from sunset / sunrise time. We know this is not the best solution but we will come back with a better one. Also thank you for your suggestion of the burger menu. Let us think about it please. Anyway - For the moment we hope you find this script useful and thank you very much for your feedback here. Sorry for poor english. If you are using google please follow us here too: https://plus.google.com/collection/oVycQE Best regards Roman
  2. Looking for Beta-Tester

    We've just updated our PHP scripts! for Davis Weather Stations http://www.gustalert.com/app/gdavis_test_bright/index.php for Wunderground PWS of interest http://www.gustalert.com/app/gwunder_test_dark/index.php Download from here: http://www.gustalert.com Have fun! JRSWISS
  3. Hi We are new in this forum and start to introduce our Davis Vue Weather Station in the heart of Switzerland (1720ft / 525m). http://www.gustalert.com/app/gdavis/index.php Our website is designed for small Smartphone displays and the weather data refreshes every 5 minutes. Best regards Roman
  4. Looking for Beta-Tester

    Hi Weather Friends We are a small group of Weather Enthusiasts located in Switzerland. In the last months we have spent hours to develop two small PHP Scripts to check the weather of our Davis Weather Stations but also any PWS Stations from Wunderground.com. We want to share our work with other Weather Enthusiasts! Focus on development: Display Weather Data in Browser (especially on Smartphones or Tablets) Setting alerts and get informed on severe weather conditions via email. Target group: House owners checks weather for their home and garden (awnings, umbrellas, sprinkler-systems etc.) Meteorologists & Weather Enthusiasts can use it to get informed about typical or untypical weather conditions Fire Departments may observe an area of interest (precipitation, heat etc) The result: G-Davis: A small PHP Script for Davis Weather Stations connected to Weatherlink Network G-Wunder: A small PHP Script for Wunderground PWS connected to Wunderground Network We are looking for Beta-Tester. You need a Web Sever (Webhoster) runs PHP 5x. NO DATABASE REQUIRED! Both apps (Pre-Releases) are free and ready to download from our Website: http://www.gustalert.com Please read the manuals for further information. Thank you for your interest! Best regards JRSWISS