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  1. Hi everyone, I fired up my Brinno TimeLapse camera a few nights ago to try and capture an epic thunderstorm that was in the distance. It appears that I succeeded :D https://youtu.be/DSSoFBvAszo
  2. Here in Jacksonville Florida, it's been a much warmer February than normal. The temperature has reached 21C or 70F or above on most days. It's cooled off a little now though.
  3. I used to live right next to Bracknell! Wokingham in particular.
  4. wunderground.com might offer you some sunshine details. Local weather stations won't necessarily have reliable data, and definitely won't go back 20 years. Airport stations should be good though.
  5. Damn, this really shows how quickly the light level changed. It also shows the dusk-like light that resulted.
  6. My timelapse of hurricane Irma moving through North-East FL... My bedroom light kind of ruins some of the evening scenes unfortunately
  7. Fantastic cloud movement. Great quality video too. What camera do you use?
  8. I live near Jacksonville, FL. We only had tropical-storm force winds in our area as far as I know, but it was still very loud and pretty damn scary. Yesterday, the winds picked up throughout the day as squall-lines moved through. However, the peak of the storm had to be between 2 and 3am last night. The biggest squall-line of them all came through then. The sound of the rain slamming into my window woke me up. It was COMPLETELY black, as no lights were on in the area. I'll be honest, it was terrifying. I was ready to dive out of my bed and into my closet, as there was a tornado watch. The
  9. Hi guys, I live near Jacksonville in NE Florida. The area is currently being battered by Irma's outer bands. Since earlier this afternoon, we've had multiple squall lines rattle through, bringing horizontal rains and the threat of tornadoes. This is forecasted to continue all night here. If there are any other Florida residents reading this (or anyone else being/has been affected by Irma, how is it where you are?
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