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  1. Fantastic storm recently in Kessingland near Southwold. I have footage of two funnel clouds on video spawning as the storm rapidly approached. Rainfall was absolutely torrential with CG lightning. I watched this cell develop rapidly on the radar over Ipswich/Clacton earlier this evening then just knew this one would be special and heading straight towards me. What a start to the night!!!!
  2. A good link here for the storm chasers among us. Distant skyline looking threatening with base-hunters
  3. I loved this memorable event yesterday, today it's wearing thin. So much so I have drunk copious amounts red wine and I know it To see the models potentially prolong this cold well into March is not great news. As you can see it's taking it's toll
  4. Watching the radar with interest at the moment as there is a band of heavy snow branching out off the main band over Central/Northern France. I certainly think Kent, Essex, west Suffolk, Cambridgeshire, Bedfordshire all in with a good chance later of some moderate/heavy snow (for a while). I took a walk down to the Sea front and it was absolutely perishing with snow covering all the beach. The sea was incredibly rough with foam blowing off the crashing waves onto the sand.
  5. I’m with you there Jenny, it’s an event here for sure. Hasn’t the wind picked up the last 30 minutes on the coast, really whipping the snow about now.
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