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  1. We leaving from terminal 3 and there is no pub called river of crown??? Am I going mad???
  2. Yeah I am ? so T5 crown rivers pub then lol - is it after security and check in??
  3. Is anyone up for meeting up at Heathrow airport on. BA flight on the 11th June?? ?
  4. My ESTA been rejected for no known reason and my old one ran out 2 months ago and i travel to denver in 4 weeks i got a friend who applied for one same as me said yes to having a physical illness and got authorised which has got me totally confused. Has anyone had same issue it is just bizarre i went to new york last december on previous ESTA????
  5. My concern with iPhone is I've only got 16GB space? was going to buy go pro but it pretty expensive tbh 399.00
  6. Do you have their phone Number as I tried emailing I not got a response?? Thanks
  7. Yeah 11th june LHR to DEN BA at 1440pm and then on to days in hotel on tower road, then back 23rd june on BA flight at 1935 :):):):)
  8. I was informed you cannot have 2 insurances as it invalidates both the insurances, so i am looking at just getting fully comprehensive to cover everything else and one illness!
  9. What Flights are you on???? BA from LHR by any chance?
  10. Hi Graham - Have booked into The Days inn hotel for the night on the 11th of june, I am on facebook - who isnt! search for [email protected] should bring me up easily i hope! cant wait for this it be an experience and a half! totally Excited
  11. Great Essay and my condition medication hasnt changed at all in 5+ years I dont even see a specialist anymore, Meh
  12. Can you recommend a different company than dog tag ?? for some reason they wont cover for pre existent condition though been stable for 5+ years - tbh its ridiculous.
  13. I don't have Barclays bank account, does that cover storm chasing though? Maybe i should check out my banks insurance policy Thanks though
  14. Anyone else cover Storm chasing other than Dog Tag???
  15. I know i did check but prob worth the extra 300, just thinking staying the day before and i do tend to suffer with jet lag so spending a day before touring maybe the best choice tbh! And not been flying for a while and hottest temperature i used to is 25 LOL
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