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  1. Started to snow after a brief hail shower. Temp 1.5c and dew point -1. Starting to cover the cars.
  2. Tomorrow afternoon looks very wintry in my area. Not seen so many 'snow blobs' all winter.
  3. Dull and foggy all day. Max 11.5c. No sign of the sun. Glad some peeps have managed to feel the warmth. Brrr!
  4. So busy watching webcams further East that I didn't notice that there was a flurry of snow here! Temp is now 4.5c and feels warmer than yesterday. But it's managing to snow briefly from a passing cloud. Back to sunshine now.
  5. I'm looking at Oxford city center right now (webcam), they are supposed to be right in the middle of it. But nothing is showing
  6. Had a small amount of 'snizzle' around 12.30pm. Only lasted half an hour. Now it's sunny and the temp has shot up to 4c! Supposed to get some snow tomorrow, but of course by then it will be too warm for snow. Grrr!
  7. Winter is not allowed to be over until the Brecon Beacons are full of families sledging. It can happen in March.
  8. Morning! Dull and overcast here with a temp of 5.5c. Looking forward to some colder days so that I have an excuse to put the wood burner on in the daytime, whilst saving on the central heating. LPG gas is expensive! So far this winter has been good for frosts and sunny weather. But by now I would have expected to have been able to use my sledge in the Brecon Beacons at least once! We've always been able to, almost every year without fail. I can't help feeling that by 2020, there will be a 'flip' to much colder winters. Watch this space...
  9. My cat regularly tries to kill me. Mostly by lying on the stairs in the dark.
  10. I thought that the strongest winds were this afternoon and evening. Supposed to get a bit of snow in my area on the back edge of the rain. It certainly won't settle. But very chilly feel that's for sure tonight!
  11. Hi everyone from the 'sunny' Western side of the Cotswolds. The cloud is starting to roll in with a slight pink tinge to it. Not looking forward to the rain and wind later this afternoon, but if there is a bit of sleet or snow mixed in later it should be interesting. Hopefully, next week will give us plenty to chat about.
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