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  1. In old money they used to say that one inch of rain = one foot of snow, so I guess the conversion on 8.4mm would be about 10cm? :-D
  2. BBC online just gone up from two hours of heavy snow to THREE hours of heavy snow in Canterbury tonight!!! :-D <PLEASE let it be true!!!> http://www.bbc.co.uk/weather/2653877
  3. We have new HD Infra Red CCTV cameras on the house that even show droplets in FOG! (kept thinking it was raining outside) Can't wait to see what snow looks like on them tonight!!! :-D
  4. That's what finally kicked Mr Schafernacker into saying we WERE going to get some proper snow in Kent tonight after all :-D He's been looking like he's having a nervous breakdown all afternoon, now he can see that it IS going to snow down South! :-D
  5. Aha! 15:00 BBC News TV weather has just changed its view on snow in Kent tonight quite radically (in half an hour!). Now showing good snow all over Kent this evening til 22:00 :-D
  6. So many people saying snow won't lie after rain... the deepest snow I remember started as a heavy rain to snow event back in the seventies, and we all watched in amazement as the puddles quickly turned to slush , and then went white! ;-)
  7. Hi All, not been on here for a coupla years due to poor winters, but this one looks like it MIGHT be interesting? :- BBC News TV weather @ 14:00 showing all snow cleared Kent and in France by 18:00 However BBC Online has just updated and now shows 2 hours of Heavy snow and reduced temperature (Zero) for Canterbury from 20:00 to 22:00! They really are just stabbing in the dark :-D LOL
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