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  1. Thawing nicely in staly vegas,it was one of those suprising 'blimey thats a warmish breeze' mornings when i went out at 8 ,it was 5 but has dropped to 3 under the clear sky.Should be a nice day . Would I be right in saying that no one got the forecast (amateur or pro) got it right?
  2. Still plenty of lying snow here in Vegas tops,been a lovely afternoon ,no wind and fairly warm in sun,clear skies now ,looks like we are set for a cold night with frost.
  3. Very heavy fall here at the top of Staly Vegas ,only one or two cars have managed to get off the drive ,but the main route to Glossop open i believe ,of course easier twds town.Sun coming up now looks like it will be a nice day.
  4. Good covering at the top of staly vegas ,will be tough getting it off in the morning .
  5. Sky clearing and looking s lot brighte in the West ,no snow here top of Staly Vegas,its actually turned out quite nice.
  6. Snowing now top of Stalybridge ,sticking on grass not on roads.
  7. There at best 1 or 2 days ,then its only hours that the majority of the UK is disrupted by adverse weather,esp in the big cities.It would be a total waste of money by the authorities to cater for such a short ,unpredictable period.It would be much cheaper ,easier and enjoyable if other than the very needed emergency service ,transport staff etc just stayed at home and went slrdging with the kids.
  8. At the risk,what does the rising and the falling of the dew point mean ? Amateur here.I used to hear it on the airport radio.
  9. Wet ( well dry now) and miserable at the top of Stalybridge,in others words normal regular January wintery day .Nothing to see here.
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